Toronto Star Editorial "It's time for a national ban on owning handguns"

Interesting pick up on my “G” google search news page. It would appear there is someone in the editorial department of The Star of Toronto Canada who is ready to throw baby out with the dishwater. Next time, it could be here, and you might as well see one take on how they’ll sell it. You can be ready to go where the mind has been.

“It’s time for a national ban on owning handguns” Star Editorial Board 17 Nov 2019

All these gun grabbers read from the same playbook. What are the top 5 things that kill Torontonians (I hope that’s right)? How about for all Canada? Who are committing the gun homicides? I ask this because a little while ago I watched a documentary (on Vice I think it was) about gang violence in TORONTO!! Lo & behold, much like Chicago and so many other major cities, the leadership won’t admit their GANG PROBLEM! Let’s examine those gun violence stats without those linked to gangs, Toronto Star Editorial. How about that? So disingenuous & misleading… :angry::triumph:


Since Canada will be the next country to turn Socialist, they must take the guns. It is a prerequisite for installing a tyrannical government.
And, it’s Canada. Who cares?


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Why not ban crime, instead of inanimate objects? It would solve a lot more problems. :grinning:

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Banning handguns doesn’t really stop the issue of someone wanting to hurt another, does it?