+1 in the chamber -1 in the magazine +1 in the magazine

Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. I think I heard this for the first time in Cub Scouts back in the 50’s. I’m still around.


RoLaAus - Its like in the TV film “The Shadow Riders”. Seven bad guys are trying to hang Sam Elliott and steal his property. His brother (Tom Selleck) shoots one dead with an 1851 Colt Navy, leaving six. Selleck opines, “Well boys, we got us a problem. There’s six of you left and I’ve only got five rounds left. You’re going to have to decide among yourselves who will be the lucky one to dig the graves.” They all leave.

I think a similar scenario is probably found in most multiple perp situations. Just saying.


my wife, my son and I always chamber 1 then drop the mag and add one. not chambering can get you killed and adding one is alway smart so you are fully loaded. I don’t really know how the interperit the 10 round mag law but to me yu should be able to have one chambered and a full 10 rounds in the mag.


You can only buy ten round magazines. You are correct about one in the chamber and top off your magazine—all good. Or, in my state, you can purchase a pre-ban magazine that can hold more than ten. I bought a pre-ban AR 30 round magazine

Pre-ban magazines manufactured before September 13, 1994 are exempt from this restriction .

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I thought that was the case. it is only common sense to assume that, but we are talking about polititicians and we all know they have little to none.


Or a bludgeon. That would be far more useful in a fight than a paperweight. Just sayin’

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