Your top 5 firearm related products and services (not firearms), and why


  1. USCCA-more than my actual firearms, the training and peace of mind from the protections provided, and the sincere admiration of Dawn’s incredibly well done, impossible job.
  2. Uplula magazine loaders-this company is incredible. They make reasonably priced items that flat out work and last. No comparison for loading a 10/22 or CZ Evo and many others.
  3. 2 cases- Condor Dispatch Take Down Case and Leapers UTG Alpha Battle Carrier Sling Pack 30". Both of sufficient quality, look good, don’t scream firearm, allow me to carry a ton of stuff with my hands free, and not expensive.
  4. Laser Lite ear plugs-super cheap, block more sound than many ear muff style units, easy to pack/share. Buy them in bulk for shooting and motorcycling.
  5. FAB Defense PTK Ergonomic Pointing Grip or scope/site risers. I can’t decide. -the grip is really great and makes a secure hold much easier but the risers allow my defective shoulder to hurt less by keeping the firearm lower while having a easy view through the site/scope.

I’m sure that I have about 25 more things that I love!


I’ll play!

  1. USCCA for training, insurance and a great magazine
  2. Lee Classic Cast Iron press, to help me weather ammo shortages.
  3. An old metal coffee can, for policing brass at the range
  4. A Bianchi 152 pistol pocket—this little pocket holster just suits me to a "T’ for concealing my Centennial
  5. A well laundered cotton Gerber baby diaper for wiping down fingerprints—it doesn’t leave any lint behind,
  1. Legal protection and training
  2. Range time with Instructor, online videos and books - practice and knowledge
  3. Good and “comfortable” holster - everybody knows how hard is to find perfect one
  4. Laser cartridge - best dry firing accessory for firearm
  5. UpLULA loader - no more wasting of time

(all in this particular order. I value services more than products. All 5 are just behind reliable firearm (hidden position “0”)


1.) USCCA (because Dawn reads this stuff🤫) seriously though there are more benefits than we have room to list

2.) Otis cleaning kits because I finally threw away the odd and end mix and match rods in my cleaning box

3.) CLP because it just works

4.) ammo because it’s not possible to have enough

5.) more ammo (see previous)

  1. USCCA - I signed up as soon as I received my UT nonresident permit, six months before I was approved for my state permit.
  2. Hornady self defense ammo
  3. Clinger holster
  4. SnapSafe portable handgun safe
  5. Hoppe’s - you can smell it right now
  1. USCCA for security, training, and great insights
  2. Maxpedition I like pretty much all their products. They are well made and functional
  3. G-Sight Laser Training and awesome training system that helps take dry firing to the next level
  4. Hanks Belts phenomenal quality and look great too
  5. Wright Leather Works Custom Gun Mat I ordered a 36"x17" custom gun mat to cover my entire workbench. It is fantastic.


  1. USCCA, that insurance tho (respect to CCW Safe)

  2. Black Rifle Coffee Company, Coffee is the elixir of the Gods, plus they promote 2A culture

  3. Midway USA, there are other online 2A supply stores, but Midway is the easiest to use and fastest in my experience

  4. NRA… yes I know some people are sour on them, buuuut, they still do a lot of good (massive respect to GOA, FPC, SAF, NAGR)

  5. The United States Militia

(Bonus) 6) All the Guntubers out there, shout out to Nutnfancy.

  1. USCCA because it is like a firearm, better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

  2. Talon or Hogue grips because why have a gun if you can’t hold on to it.

  3. A set of decent sights such as Night Fision, Truglo or Ameriglos.

  4. Being able to have lots of after market options such as light and laser attachments, TLR6, Inforce, Olight, etc.

  5. Good range equipment such as a bag, case, ear and eye protection all with the USCCA brand on them.

  1. gun safe
  2. USCCA & all it’s resources
  3. proper ammo for intended usage
  4. Holsters, mag pouches, accessories
  5. Properly stocked range bag
  6. quality cleaning kit & tools for maintaining clean, safe firearms

Hey brother I forgot to list ammo but a lot of people say it I just wanted to be different. Have a blessed day.


hmmmmm great idea…Since we are older parents, I asked the mrs for what you suggested…I think she said "are you nutz? and “when are you going to start to wear it”


Oh man that was a good one.:+1::joy:

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My old fingers love my Uplula mag loader. It saves me so much time at the range, of course, I end up going through more ammo.


Our youngest is 20, but we still go through about a pack of cloth diapers every year what with guns, my saxophone, cameras, cars and horse tack to keep spiffy.
When we go to Target to buy them, my family points and says “It’s for him.” :laughing:


Hey, I just ordered a belt from Hanks :+1:


Very nice! You’ll love it.

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Amazing as the number of people we run into or shoot, that have never seen that device! A couple of weeks ago, we shot with a long time instructor and advanced shooter, he had never seen or been exposed to one.

We also have the magpump, but would not recommend.


You will love it! I do mine.

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  1. USCCA - all the good stuff that comes out of the organization. Training, education, support, Dawn, APPAREL, Check out the apparel!
  2. Hank Belts - I have made my own belts because I could not get what I wanted. Now I just order Hank belts.
  3. Midway USA- for keeping me supplied with the items I need to keep shooting.
  4. Syrt Dry fire laser system so I can shoot every mourning and every night different shooting drills to my hearts content.
  5. Dillon reloading press - For all those reloads I have made and all the reloads I still have to do.

Honorable mention:
6. My girl friend for being my shooting partner and supporting me doing it as much as we do.

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