Gear you recommend to new shooter?


If you could recommend one piece of gear/gadget to a new shooter, what would it be?
(Assume they have a gun, ammo, and holster they like.)


Speed loader.
Electronic ear pro.
Eye pro.
Gloves, if they’re going to take a serious class.
A range bag to carry all this crap in.
More mags.
Mag holster.
Was that more than one thing?


In the spirit of Dawn’s post I’d go with the electronic ear pro first.


If they are new to CC as well as being a new shooter I would have to say a USCCA membership card so they could have access to a lot of great information all found in one place.


I just got this mag pouch. It’s a nice design. I wish I would’ve gotten it a while ago.

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Uplula Magazine loader


A quality gun belt


Do you have a name/link for that one, @James?

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I got a HAND TRUCK to help me carry may guns and range bag to and from the car. And from the car to the shooting bench and back. Because my Range bag some times weighs 40 - 50 lbs. depending on ammo and number of guns I’m shooting.


IDOGEAR 9mm Pistol Magazine Pouch Tactical Fastmag Soft Shell Mag Carrier Hunting Airsoft Gear (Wolf Gray)

I like it so far, I was just at the range doing mag changes with empty brass loaded in the mag with regular shells to simulate FTF. It was a lot of moving and went smoother than I thought.


Nice to see others doing malfunction training. Have you seen the Type 3 malfunction trainer? Definitely worth adding to your gear.

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A selfie stick, to get all those awesome range pics, yo!:grin: J/K.
A good quality, dedicated range bag. I’m partial to my USCCA bag. Lots of pockets. Spare mag holders inside the bag. Big enough for 3 hard pistol boxes.


Lolol. I don’t mind people taking a few and posting them, as long as they’re having fun. But I do get what you mean.


Honestly, empty brass does the same thing. Most of the time it stovepipes. It seems like depending on how far back you put it under the mag lip depends on what it does. Normally you have to drop the mag to clear it. But that’s how I do all my clearing anyways. Maybe I’ll look into them though. It’s nice to have training aids.


I thought you were using the empty brass for a stovepipe, not double feed.


It does what it wants to do, it’s not the same every time. I didn’t have a double feed, but it pushed in front of the other bullet, and behind the chamber kind of like one, but it was stovepiped. I had to clear it just the same. It definitely doesn’t happen every time. But either way, the only way I’m going to clear a malfunction in a gun is by dropping the mag, and racking the slide, unless it is a very visible stove pipe.


I’d also recommend an ammo bag to go along with the speed loader. I’m able to get many more rounds down range by not fumbling around with boxes of ammo and handloading. Before heading to the range, I dump however much ammo I need in the bag, which holds about 500 rounds of 9mm, and take it with me. Also comes in handy if you take classes that involve outdoor range time.


I’ve yet to find a range bag that I like as much as the one I got from USCCA.


I may have to look into the USCCA bag. I’m not thrilled with the layout of mine.


@Dave1, @45IPAC, and @James - you would not believe some of the crazy I’ve seen at the range when it comes to people taking pictures. Terrible muzzle control, fingers on triggers of loaded firearms… sigh