You might be a gun nut

…if you own 4 AR-15’s configured EXACTLY the same but by different manufactures (Colt, Bushmaster, Olympic Arms, Armalite, etc.) just because

…if, while watching the movie Terminator 2, you have to leave the room in tears and mournful sobs after Arnold Schwartzenneger throws the CAR-16 off the moving tractor trailer and it goes bouncing away.

…if you make $30 per hour at work, but spend 30 minutes on your knees at the range looking for that last piece of .40 S&W brass.

…if you cannot recall how many firearms you own.

…if you buy a gun that’s just like that other gun you have except the barrel is 1/2" shorter (or longer).

…if you buy a gun at a shop only to find out you used to own it a couple of years ago.

…if you ever clean a gun that hasn’t been shot in the week since you cleaned it last

…if you purchased two Glocks and two Sigs just to see which brand was better.

…if you strip all the paint off our car and refinish it with cold blue.

…if you ever bought ammo in a caliber for which you have no gun, because you thought some day you MIGHT get a gun in that caliber.

…if you’d rather have a $10,000 PSG-1 and drive a $600 car, rather than drive a $10,000 car and have a $600 gun.

…if you have more than one gun that “kills on both ends.”

…if you buy high capacity magazines for a gun you have not bought yet.

…if you take your guns out of the safe each night and handle them, just so you can wipe them off before putting them away.

…if your mother-in-law asks what new gun junk you want for Christmas this year.

…if you see TV footage of the war in Bosnia and wish you were there to pick up the brass.

…if you drive 300 miles just to ogle (and fire) HK-MP5s (and Stens, Uzis, BMGs and whatever else shows up at Knob Creek).

…if you keep a loaded gun hidden in every room in the house, including the bathroom and kitchen, “just in case,” and then keep one on you at all times just in case someone breaks in while you’re in the hallway.

…if you consider it unpatriotic not to own at least one .45 and one .22.

…if you named your pocket pistol “Little Guy” and your 12 gauge “Big Jake.”

…if you own reloading dies for calibers that you do not shoot.

…if you tape American Shooter so you can pause, reverse and fast forward to do a complete analysis of the show.

…if you understand Smith & Wesson’s model numbers.

…if you ever bought two brands of the same weight and type of bullet, just to see if one “shot better.”

…if you keep a collection of different cartridges at your place of work as a “conversation piece.”

…if you take your wife on vacation to a gun show for your 10th Anniversary and she is as excited to go as you are.

…if you ever had to explain, "It’s NOT the same gun, it’s a different VARIANT . . . "

…if you and your new father-in-law go to a gun show on your wedding day.

…if you have life memberships in more than one shooting organization.

…if you read that “Brady II” would outlaw possession of more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition and think, “I have more than that rolling around loose in the trunk of my car!”

…if watching The Lion King gives you the itch for a .470 Nitro Express.

…if you go to three different gun shows within a month and you’re excited every single time.

…if your guns are cleaner than your residence.

…if you have 5 different guns being DROS’d at 3 different FFL dealers.

…if you plunked down a $130 deposit on a Seecamp after waiting two years for them to accept your order, and are still willing to wait another two years for them to make your pistol.

…if your mom gives you a new Springfield Armory .308 sniper rifle for Christmas.

…if four local gun shops know you by name.

…if you’re friends with 90% of the employees at all the local gun shops.

…if you identify the gun on the cover of Dillons Blue Press before you even notice the girl.

…if, when you stop in at the local gun shop, they ask you questions like: “How was work?” “How are the wife and kids?” “We’re gonna order some food, ya want in?” etc.

…if you have more gunpowder stashed in your home than your local sporting goods store has on hand.

…if you can wallpaper your house with old issues of Shotgun News, Gun List, Guns & Ammo, etc.

…if all of your children are life members of the NRA

…if you have Brownells on speed dial.

…if you trimmed down 100 10mm cases to form .357 Sig brass before commercial supplies of this brass were available.

…if the custom door lock pulls on your Jeep are .223 Rem cases and the gear shift knob is a .50 BMG.

…if your girl friend thinks that aura of Hoppes #9 is your favorite after shave.

…if you have guns in your safe that you can’t for the life of you remember how you came by.

…if you tag pages in SGN/GL for later reference.

…if you own enough guns to arm everyone on your block (not that you WOULD arm everyone on your block, of course…)

…if the last 5 guns you bought are never to be fired.

…if, when buying a new gun, you plead with your gun shop to keep it until you have space for it.

…if your wife wants to wear black leather so you buy her a carry holster.

…if you have Trijicon Night-Lights in your bedroom.

…if your mailbox has a Weaver Rail on top.

…if you can’t figure out why your non-shooting friends laugh when you say, “Bushmaster.”

…if you would like to see Bill Clinton or Barbara Boxer spend just one hour after midnight at a Washington, DC bus-stop without their bodyguards.

…if you build a gun rack in your bedroom and it’s closer to you than your wife.

…if you can identify gunshots from faraway as to caliber, whether from a rifle or pistol, brand of gun, grains of powder used, what powder and at what velocity.

…if you ever stumbled across a cache of once-fired brass for a caliber you don’t own, but hoarded it anyway.

…if your answer to the recent rec.guns newsgroup thread, “How many guns do you need?” is, “How many do you have room for in your house?”

…if the above question has you contemplating a larger house…

…if you stockpiled thousands of primers during the infamous “Primer Famine of 1994.”

…if a friend knows you reload and gives you a set of dies of a caliber you do not already have, and you go out and buy a gun so you can use the FREE dies.

…if, when you do the wash, several spent casings fall out of your rolled-up sleeves.

…if you go to a gun show and contemplate buying a particular gun for a half an hour before you remember that you already have that one

…if you own a BAYONET for a gun you haven’t bought yet.

…if you buy a gun that is a duplicate of one you already have because the original one might break someday . . .

…if you preach how stupid gun laws/bans are at work when you work in a predominantly ANTI-gun company.

…if you would rather ban alcohol than high-capacity clips/magazines.

…if you name your first-born girl LadySmith.

…if your kid’s disposable diapers come in camo battle packs.

…if it bothers you more when 007 runs out of ammo than when the “Bond Girl” dies.

…if your key-ring fob is a converted .50BMG cartridge.

…if your driver’s license says “must wear night-vision goggles.”

…if “Miller Time” means plinking at beer cans.

…if the highlight of your week is discovering that six .40 S&W hollowpoints fit perfectly in a plastic 35mm film canister (five up/one down in the middle).

…if you put a Hogue Grip on your car’s parking brake.

…if you retrofit a laser sight to your TV remote control.

…if it takes you several minutes leafing through “Small Arms of the World” to find a gun you have never fired.

…if you have a callus on your shoulder.

…if you’ve ever sent a scope (that was never dropped) back to Leupold for repair.

…if factories ask you how well their guns hold up.

…if Hornady’s largest midwestern distributor informs you that you’ve bought over half of all the Vector ammo they’ve ever had in stock.

…if you even had the thought, “I wonder what scale little kids Animal Crackers are, compared to Regulation silhouettes?”

…if your standard Sunday afternoon question to guys selling surplus ammo at gun shows is “How much for all of it, so you don’t have to lug it home?”

…if RCBS asked you for load data for the .357 Sig (before it was published).

…if you shoot enough Berdan-primed ammo that you are on a first-name basis with your local scrap metal dealer.

…if, upon seeing your 1978 wildcatting project (a .375 on a .50 Sharps 3 1/4" case, 3340 FPS with a 300 Sierra boat tail), Elmer Keith says “You’re nuts!”

…if Keith Francis (at JGS, the chambering reamer company), answers your phone calls with “What have you dreamed up this time?”

…if you own a firearm listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

…if you’re in the army reserves, and they can’t figure out why every time they send you out to shoot the M60 with 100 rounds, you return with a shot-out barrel (it never dawns on them you’re bringing your own ammo. . .

…if you spend more on ammo each month than on food.

…if you list your local FFL dealer as a dependent on your tax return.

…if you alternate Silvertips and Hydra-Shocks in your magazines because they look prettier that way.

…if you guess range and windage whenever you look at road signs.

…if you have more .50 caliber ammo cans than the local U. S. Army Reserves armory.

…if your gun collection is worth more than your automobile.

…if you have to run out to the range this weekend to shoot up some ammo because you need some brass to reload.

…if you’re still reading this inane list.



…if you donate plasma for the primary reason of buying more guns (or want to buy guns with money your spouse cant see).


:raising_hand_man: Absolutely!


:rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:

I think you might be confronted with a divorce quickly! :rofl: :joy:


I invoke my 5th amendment privilege, but I do meet at least 15 of those criteria. :eyes::crazy_face::innocent:

The above was humor, you could injure yourself trying this at home. This post was created on a closed course by professionals. No animals were harmed during the making of this post. Nor were any funds given for use or placement of tobacco products. :innocent:



You would have to be a fan of the HBO Game of Thrones to get this. But I could definitely see naming my daughter Arya Mormont De’Sine.

I would have to have a new daughter though.


Where do you find the time?

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Don’t you know? @RocketPak is legion.

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I likely resemble most of these traits. I’ll own it.

Here goes–You might be a gun nut…if you cast bullets for and reload for 7.65 MAS pistol, 30 Luger, and 9.3 x 62 Mauser calibers.

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At first it was Tyrion that stole the show, but Arya was definitely favorite character after she acquired Needle!
I drink and I know things, winter is coming.


I am new to all this, but I do relate to more of these than I care to admit!


True, but Lady Mormont was a 10 year old Gangster. She was the first to pledge her fealty to the Starks, her and all 67 of her soldiers. Plus she redeemed the families honor after Lord Mormont was banished for selling slaves.

When Lady Mormont died she took the undead giant with her.

Hypothetically, speaking of course. That could have been a write in ballot I could have supported since I didn’t like either candidate in 2016.

Lady Mormont does not exist in the books but dollars to donuts she will. HBO absolutely killed it with her character.

I will say after book one I knew John was not Eddard Stark’s son. So I had always guessed he was a Targaerion.

Eddard had to much honor, to have cheated on his wife. There is even a quote in one of the books how the “Lion had always bowed it’s head to the Stag” but also the Dragon bowed it’s head to the Wolf".

Sorry for the brief Game of Thrones geek out. We can now return to our Jeff Foxworthy inspired, but @RocketPak created you might be a gun but if.

I do have one to addThe One

You might be a gun nut if instead of looking at that beautiful surfer you are admiring the gun tan outline.

You might be a bigger gun nut if you realize she didn’t have a holster or trigger guard and was this carrying it in an unsafe condition.


If the only names you can think of when discussing baby names with your daughter and her soon to be husband is…COLT 45 and for the possibility of twins…SMITH & WESSON.

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When you give and receive ammo as Christmas gifts.


When you start vacuum packing them and burying them because you’ve run out on living space in your house. (or you don’t trust the state you live in)


You misspelled “cosmoline”

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Okay, that was good. I had to chuckle over and over as I recognized myself in several of those examples.

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I would refer to myself as an gun enthusiast instead of a “Gun Nut”… The other side may label you just a “Nut”and consider you dangerous. :sunglasses::sunglasses:

What is this “IF” that you speak of?

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