Write Your Own Gun Right Proposals

Imagine you were apart of crafting a bill that could shape things in favor of gun owners in your home state.

With no limitations and no wrong answers, what law/rights would you propose for your state?
(This includes removing any restrictions that may already be in effect.)

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They already wrote it back in 1787…I thought it was pretty clear. :wink:



  1. My understanding is that back over 200 years ago, they didn’t have any idea how powerful firearms would we have now. So I’m OK with background checks and carry permits, however they shouldn’t differ between the States.
  2. No Gun Free Zones, this idea has no any sense.
  3. The same age limitation for shotguns, rifles and handguns.
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Gonna agree with @JamesR on this one. Nothing wrong with the original wording. Its peoples feelings and opinions that have muddied the water on it.

If gun regulations make us safer why doesn’t the government have to obey the same regulations?


@Sheepdog556 I agree. I was barely 18 yo and couldn’t buy a bear but I was qualified with and carried or was stationed with a 1911 (pistol), M-16A2 (Machine Gun) & M-60 (BELT Fed Machine Gun).

That brings up an interesting thought. If I have a semi auto M-60 would it be legal since it doesn’t use a magazine?:rofl:



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I’ve seen a few memes of belt fed AR’s to get around the high capacity magazine laws.

I wouldn’t see what would be an issue with owning a semi auto M60. I think it’d be pretty fun


To the original question

  1. The age of firearms ownership is the same as the age to vote and register for the selective service.
  2. Just like a drivers license a CWP if desired should include a demonstration of ability and a written examination prior to issue and be valid in all states, territories and districts where a U.S Drivers license is honored and deemed valid.
  3. Suppressors should be an integral option for all firearms produced after XYZ date. Supressors should not be a regulated item but a hearing conservation tool/accessory for the general public as well as the shooter.
  4. Ammunition issued and used by Local, State & Federal LEO personnel for the performance of their duties shall be available to all citizens for self defense or any other lawful purpose in any location.
  5. Since the right to keep and bear arms is enumerated in the Constitution and falls under the Interstate Commerce Clause similar to the drivers license, the states do not have the right to restrict these regulations beyond what is written.
  6. Transportation of firearms in all forms of vehicular conveyance shall be in accordance with Federal regulations in all states and localities. Those in possession of a valid Federal CWP shall be authorized to have “at hand” one loaded self defense weapon in their vehicle per valid CWP occupant. Additional firearms shall be stored according to Federal regulations.

That’s a couple to get you thinking.




While I do think that our Second Amendment was cut and dry…others thought it right to infringe our rights and add all these stipulations onto the God-given right.

Therefore. I suggested this to my legislators and it was given a good response however, that’s just politicians being politicians to better secure your vote. I don’t actually suppose that this will ever have any effect but, I did gain a larger list of people who signed in agreement and the NRA liked as well(Of course). Although I know it will never go anywhere but, I figured it’s the willingness to do so that mattered.

Citizens State Bill Proposal: “Block”

Louisiana , henceforth governs itself on laws regarding firearms , ammunition, protective gear, and background requirements ( under bill named, “Block”) the whole state is therefore immune to any future United States federal legislation issued against restrictions or bans, of any sort regarding the sale or purchase of firearms, ammunition, attachments, bullet proof vest and gear, protecting the state of Louisiana and her citizens from any further federal laws but not limited to blocking any more intensive type of background measures or checks, than what’s already governed through law in the great state of Louisiana.”

The Problem:

Today more than ever, the Second Amendment is under severe scrutiny. Not only does the federal government intend on increasing background check standards, which are tough already, but one party insist of a “buy back program” but in better terms, the government would use the people’s tax money in order to buy (Confiscate) the rifles now defined as the “Assault Weapon.”

The Support:

The Great people of Louisiana stand behind this, as well as our friends at the NRA . Louisiana is known for it’s name, “ Sportsman Paradise.” So, not only would this bill protect the hunters, but more importantly this would protect the law-abiding citizens who bear arms to protect oneself and their family’s life and liberties from any federal legislation that would jeopardize the Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment’s of the United States Constitution of all the great people of Louisiana thus, protecting us from breaking apart from unity with states that may recognize such unconstitutional laws.

A large list of Louisiana residential citizen supporters will supervene after the receival of this citizen proposal.

Kindest regards,

Randall W. Anderson

Even the simplest legislation can take dozens of pages so I’ll stick to a basic outline.

Federal reciprocity for all fifty states.

No licensing whatsoever for having or carrying on your own property or transporting firearms for lawful purposes.

I still favor mandatory training and licensing for concealed carry in public.

If you can legally possess a firearm you should be able to lawfully carry with or without a permit but if carrying concealed I favor licensing and mandatory training that at least establishes you have a basic level of competency.


As part of national reciprocity there should also be a national set of defined requirements and procedures for obtaining and renewing the license to carry a deadly weapon. Perhaps also a national standard to define the conditions under which said license can be suspended or lost entirely, as well as a list of all locations where concealed carry is prohibited.

In other words, create a federal concealed carry licence, with all the associated regulations and procedures, which supersedes and renders void all state regulations. Since we are dealing with a specifically enumerated constitutional right it seems appropriate for it to be defined and administered by the federal government, and applied equally and exclusively in all fifty states.

Inevitably, along with a federal CC license, there could also be a federal standard to define the form, function, capacity, etc, of the weapons allowed for concealed carry, provided that the standard addresses only aspects of the weapons and not a specific brand/model/size/appearance.

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I would enact Constitutional Carry for my state, and would craft a bill that would nullify all Federal gun control laws, including the 1934 Firearms Act. I would offer State funded/NRA or USCCA staffed gun handling/safety classes free to the public, and recommend that all gun owners attend at least once. Advanced classes would be offered at a 50% cost reduction from the range list price. I would also offer tax breaks to any firearms/supplies manufacturer that wishes to relocate to the state. Oh, and I would give all anti-2A people one way airline tickets and put them all on a plane to California.:grinning:

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Rewrite the second amendment to say, “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Arms shall include all types of arms available to the United States and the States. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.”


This, plus
1.If you can legally own it, you can carry it.
2.There will be no “gun free zones” in public property, outside of nuclear facilities, and prison facilities.
3.Any private property, that is deemed b the owners a gun free zone, shall be financially liable for the safety of the patrons of that property.
4.Any small arm, projectile weapons, in common use by the military, and or government, shall also be legal for the citizenry to purchase.
5.Any attempt, by any elected or appointed official, shall be immediately punishable by the removal of them from office.
6.Gun safety courses will be offered, free of charge, to any student age 10 or higher, in school. Firearms and ammo provided for live fire demonstration.

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I think everybody had wonderful ideas!

Thanks for sharing!



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