Is the Constitution a right or a privilege

If you’re capable enough to pass the NCIC background test and purchase a weapon legally, and then complete a 8hr gun training class, the Second Amendment of the Constitution State you can bear arms, which is a right at Birth, if you must have a licenses and certificates to bear arms, it is a privilege, as if you were getting a driving license which is a privilege. The Second Amendment to the Constitution is a right.


I truly believe it is a right for everyone to be able to protect themselves against any danger that comes their way, since the court’s has started it is not the duty of LEO’s to protect the citizens of the US.


In California you must have a FSC card to even look at a gun in a gun store, and unless you have that FSC card you cannot touch one, the store will not even talk to you about a weapon if you do not have this card. Firearm Safety Course.


California is WAY WAY OUT OF LINE. All of their laws about law abiding citizens is without a doubt UNCONSTITUTIONAL. All Californians should rise up and oust the politicians and ban them from ever running for public office.


Neither. It’s a set of restriction on our government.


I don’t think California even know of the 2A, they are like Illinois and New York. Just in it for the money.


Please DO NOT equal Illinois to California nor New York.
Even we do have some limitations we still know what has been written in the Constitution.


Exactly, brother lu-can. A LEOs duty is to “enforce the law.” that’s why a lot of police cars no longer sport the “Protect and Serve” decal. Thank God that many LEOs still subscribe to that decal, though.


It’s your God given right to stop voting lefties into office.perhaps that will take care of some problems.


Do you think God cares about politics? :wink:


Naw just free will.

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I am so so #Jerzy, I know how you feel. :joy:

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“Man plans. God laughs.”


Awe! Come on! California is were dreams come true! A virtual divine abode. I remember driving down the road in Los Angeles seeing a bumper sticker saying, Have you mugged your grandmother today? I mean come on. The happiest place on earth is there! So what it is a shake and bake kind of place! You have to love California! You just have to. :rofl: :joy: :laughing: :crazy_face:


I love California because of old, good Terminator / Gubernator :wink:
So far, never been there, hoping to visit one day just to feel its spirit… :metal:

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Great place to visit! Do not want to live there,… again,… ever.


yeah… the best place is that one where we are not there…
However I cannot complain living in IL. Got job, make a good money, Gun Law is not so bad. I’d say - all is OK if you are smart enough to live here. :wink:

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You do realize that I live in Washington State? So, I know exactly what you are saying!


You also must be very smart to live in Los Angeles County,there are cities in Los Angeles County that are very good when it come to gun laws and quality of living, my city is one of those.


Please don’t get me wrong. There are some things from U.S. history of which I’m proud of, one being the Constitution, the other – being allowed to bear arms. There are also parts of our history of which I’m not proud of. When I think of firearm freedoms, I think of state laws and federal laws, however for me, the last thing I think of is the actual Second Amendment. Partly because, I think actual specific firearm laws are made by “today’s and tomorrow’s” legislators.

When the 2A was written 234 years ago, back then there were no regular mass shootings on instant media. When legislators argue and decide on laws, opponents use the mass shootings as part of their argument. I think that an argument for self-defense is a strong argument which can be proven. IMHO, to use 27 words that three gentlemen wrote 234 years ago – is a risky strategy to go in with. If I had to place my best fighter in the ring, I’d opt for the ‘Golden Glove Champ’ per se. Much is on the line.

The Constitution and the 2A bring forth “the subjective, opinion, and interpretation”. And sometimes when I read about it here in our pages, it’s read as though the writer’s sharing what they are saying as though it’s fact, and that they are right. And that alone causes me to be cautious.

I get it, it’s something to be proud of – even celebrated, however how do we convince “the other side to join us”? When the 1787 “2A” wording doesn’t register with them and might never; Friends, how do we really appeal to them (when they are not from or in our “tent”)?

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