Would You Like to be USCCA's Protector of the Month?

Every month, we feature a USCCA Member as the Protector of the Month in our First Line Email. And YOU could be next!

To be considered for the Protector of the Month, please post below OR private message me with the following information:

  • First name and last initial
  • Your everyday carry
  • The year you became a USCCA Member (you have to be a member to be considered)
  • Why you became a USCCA Member in your own words (see the sample below)

We can’t wait to hear about why YOU are the Protector of the Month!


Name: John C.
Member since: January 2019
Everyday Carry: Glock 43
Why I joined the USCCA: As a retired NYPD Detective,
20 years of law enforcement, worked at the Staten
Island landfill after the 911 terrorist attacks carrying
a firearm has been part of my life for 35 years. I want to
feel comfortable doing so. The USCCA gives me the
confidence and the protection to continue being a
responsibly armed citizen. The training you receive is
top notch and after watching a few testimonials I was
convinced that this was an organization I wanted to be
a part of.


Name: William H.
Member Since: May 2016
Everyday Carry: Sig Sauer P 320 Compact 9 mm or Glock 20 Standard 10 mm
Why did I join USCCA: My background might be different from other fine members,
but I was struggling from where do I go next from here. I have an engineering and
technical background through residential, commercial, industrial buildings and have
also office management and computers for 15 years. I have been well taught by technical
schools and a professional administrator; My beautiful wife of 26 years, Officer in FDOC,
17 years.

I had to learn a new trade and keep my mind fresh and straight. In 4 years, I have studied
and taken every USCCA course that I was guided to do and complete. With a physical
disability, I strive to become better and achieve all the fields that could master. I trained on
a regular bases and I am mastering the whole line of GLOCK .40 Caliber and Sig Sauer P320
9 mm line up, compact to full or standard size.

I understand building security and help with my local church in their security systems. Always
encouraging the Pastor and Staff to train harder using their choice of self defense tools and
protecting their families.

I have not done this by myself and I have had much HELP. USCCA is the Company that I chose
and is the BEST in their field of education and protection.