Women’s shirts to prevent shells down shirt

Had some hot shells down my blouse and in my bra - yikes! Need summer and winter weight shirts / T’s for the range. Anyone found something that really works well?


The ‘hot brass dance’ is never fun! Welcome to the forums.


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Anything with high neck is gonna work.

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The white shirt would work save for the belly baring & cap sleeves. Did I mention, I’m 66, and don’t have the Playboy Bunny figure of the buxom beauty in the photo?

If the black one is a bra, it appears to have the necessary skin protection! For that matter, if used in winter as a bra, the white one might work perfectly.

Where are these sold?


There is a product that Cindy shows in our classes for just this kind of problem.

It’s called “Hollywood Fashion Tape” it’s a double sided tape designed to stick clothes to skin, it’s always in her range bag she gets it from Amazon.


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I’ve seen women at the range wearing turtle or mock turtle sweat wicking workout shirts. Either alone or as undergarments.


The pictures were just taken from internet… so of course the Ladies are top notch :wink:

Anyway, being male, I’m using compression lightweight sleeveless t-shirts which works perfectly during range and classes. These can be used on any weather conditions.

You can find them on Macy’s, Kohl’s, any sport store … or Amazon.


I guess I never appreciated the lack of women’s clothing when it comes to shooting. I’ve been internet shopping since I saw this topic, and there aren’t a lot of options out there for shirts. I can find plenty of tactical shirts that you can use for shooting, if you’re comfortable in them. But as soon as I put the word “women” in the search bar, I get a bunch of ridiculous loose clothing meant to show off cleavage. Because Google doesn’t realize women shoot guns, I guess.

Some good stuff exists, if you’re willing to pay for it. I just looked at 5.11, and they have a whole line of women’s clothing appropriate for the range. It ain’t cheap.

That said, I don’t dress special for the range. I wear what I have on. If your everyday outfits aren’t working at the range, see if you can find a jacket with a mandarin collar. Zip it up when shooting and you’ll keep those casings from branding your skin. Remove the jacket when you’re done, and go about your day.

Either that or… dress like a dude, I guess? If you wear a fitted tee shirt and throw a loose shirt over it, you’ll still be dressed modestly, but the under shirt will protect you from direct contact with hot brass.

Good luck.


Compression lightweight sleeveless T’s!
Got it! Will search on line for these now, thank you so much!!!


Mock sweat wicking - great keywords for my search! Thank you so much!!!


My wife uses the standard T-shirt, either by itself or under another shirt. She started doing that after three pieces of hot brass went down her front during a training class. She has a burn scar from one of them, but she did learn to deal with distraction while shooting, to keep her muzzle pointed in a safe direction under duress, and to stay in the fight no matter what. Good lessons, but the scar sucks.

P.S. During that same training the instructor made us continue to shoot and crawl around in mud during one of the most miserable downpours I’ve experienced. “You need to learn to deal with every condition and to keep your head in the game,” the instructor said. Best instruction we’ve ever had.


I see no problem, dress for the activity. Any high(neck high) top should do the job.


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I’m not a fan of turtle necks.
This combo might work, any hat + face shield

Welcome to the USCCA family @Jane4, hope you soon find a solution to your problem very soon. Them shell do burn a little.

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I personally always wear a ball cap with the brim helping- if you are leaning into your stance some as you should I find even my MP2 .40 that likes to cast out cartridges all over the dang place, that they bounce off my brim or hat and have not had any brass in the bra since. I do tend to always wear a fitting shirt with at minimal a crew or vneck crew top. Nothing plunging or you are asking for it.