Wisconsin renewing your DL while having a CWP

I am coming up on my Driving license renew and for the first time will be getting a piece of paper and have to wait for my actual picture license in the mail.

This has to do with getting the real ID cards (I dont like this but cant find a way around it). To me this is one more government intrusion into my personnel life and feels like national registration.
(I should have never read the book “1984” in high school.)

Anyway here is my question I have not been able to find an answer to. Once I go for my DL renewal I will have to turn in my old picture ID license. How does this affect my CWL?

I cant find it but thought I remembered reading someplace you must have a state issued picture ID as well as your CWL on you when you carry.
Will this non picture piece of paper issued by the DVM be good enough?
If I carry my passport will that be acceptable?

Any help with links to the information would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance

In OH they punch some holes in your existing license and give it back to you–are you sure they keep it WI?

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Good question and one I dont want to find out the answer to, to be honest.


Everyone I have talked to who has renewed in the last 4 months has said they take it. None of them have been CWL holders though.

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Hi Don,

I just received my Wisconsin Driver License Renewal notice in the mail this week. The renewal letter from the WisDOT-DMV clearly states, on the back page in the section labeled “What is a REAL ID and why do I need one”: …A non-compliant (i.e., not a REAL ID) card that is marked “Not for Federal Purposes” is also available to Wisconsin residents upon request.

I plan to get the non-compliant driver license because I have the same 1984 concerns that you have. I always carry my US-issued Passport card to ensure that I have a federally acceptable ID if needed.

I’m unaware if the DMV confiscates my “expiring” license, leaving me without a photo driver license temporarily. In the past, I have always received my renewed license at the DMV on the day that I go for the renewal testing. But this is my first renewal since the REAL ID Act went into effect.

I hope this helps! ~Kris

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The last time my wife renewed the REAL ID was not a thing yet and still she got the paper because the photo license had to be made and shipped from………………wait for it………………………… California.

The paper license that is issued by Wisconsin does include the your picture .


Hi Don -
Your paper “temp license” does have your picture on it! (My boys and my daughter all had them in the last two years.) So it should cover the need to have a photo ID on you. We can use that paper as a drivers license at the range when doing gun sales, so I’m guessing you can for carry purposes as well!

BTW - don’t you think the Government already has all of your information? :thinking::wink:

My daughter just got her temp license a few weeks ago. The paper copy DOES have her photo on it.

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You might be surprised what they already have on me. Has to do with my security clearance and job while in Germany

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Thank you all for the responses, it makes me feel better knowing the picture is there. My wife didnt remember it when I asked her.

Then get the Real ID… they know enough already for you to have it. :wink:

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