Wisconsin lawmakers introduce hands-free legislation

About freaking time…

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We have this in Illinois. Officers are exempt from this. I’ve seen a state trooper working his computer, while running about 75 on the interstate. They need to really start enforcing it too. I57 is a highway of death, and a ton of them are from distracted driving.


Here in Louisiana we already have that law…

Nobody follows it though, even the police! It’s so sad!

The only time one gets a ticket is in a school-zone!

If you’re going to say distractions need to be removed, then no eating while driving, no radio, no screaming kids in the car, no drunk driving (oh wait)… There are so many distractions when people drive, you have to prioritize and have situational awareness.


The irony is that, as far as I know, every state already has a “distracted driving” ordinance. There’s really no need for more laws, if we’re enforcing those already on the books (oh wait)…

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Agreed. I can eat a sandwich while looking at the road. I can’t look at USCCA community while I’m driving, though. My beef with the Illinois law is the whole “hands free” thing. I am fully capable of holding the wheel in my left hand, and another item in my right. They should crack down on someone who is actually texting while driving, but hands free. Come on.

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@45IPAC. Chet, I57 was not all that safe when I was younger back in the 1960’s and forward I remember a just married couple driving south down I57 and both were murdered. People were killed by nut jobs and I remember on I80 when the truck driver killed the girl who was a student in Iowa driving across Illinois going to Grinnell College.

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