Wilson Combat P320 Grip Module

Finally broke down and bought one of these for my 320. Loved the feel and shoot ability so much I’ve replaced my 229 for the 320 as my daily carry.

Anyone out there with 320s looking for a new grip module take a look at these. Pretty awesome. Been running it for a couple months now and I’ve been extremely happy. Fits all my holsters, as WC said it would.


WC makes some nice stuff. I did not know they were doing Sig stuff now. Looks like a good grip pattern.


Next step… Wilson Combat’s WCP320 slide… :wink:

Congrats !
This frame makes P320 looks much better !
I’ve heard that the grip in this frame is a little wider and rounded? Is it true?
That would make this handgun closer to EDCx9 :slightly_smiling_face:

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I actually believe it’s slimmer than the stock grip module as well as the x-grip modules I’ve been running since they came out. I get a much more solid purchase. I have average sized hands.

Tempting on the slide from WC but I’ve got the R2 optic cut slide on it now I’m pretty happy with. Eventually going to throw an optic back on it at some point.


Yes I like it quite a bit. I’m one of those who throws a talon grip on all but my G10 grips but there’s no need with this one. Not quite as coarse as the M&P 2.0 (which I love) but a very good pattern that stays where you place it in your hand.


That looks really sharp.