Wilson Combat Lo Profile holster for full size 1911

Anyone here familiar with these? They are available with or without a thumb break and according to the website they are in stock (no waiting list) I’m especially curious about conceal-ability for an OWB holster.

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Full size 1911, no matter how low profile, is still going to present a problem depending on your attire. However, you can’t bet the quality of a Bill Wilson product.

WC makes good stuff. I do not have any information about that particular holster.

As to a full size 1911 and concealment I do. I carried a full size 1911, OWB, for decades. Still do now and then. Part of it is body type, and a lot of it is how you dress. The hardest part to conceal is the frame, second is the length. Heck, I conceal carry a Beretta M9A1, which is the same size, just a bit thicker.

Not real familiar with WC’s holsters, but I am sure they are good quality. I carry a Commander or full size 1911 pretty much every day. As long as I have on a cover garment, no problems carrying it.

I am looking forward to winter, gets a bit hot here in Louisiana. I have several of these for some of my guns, might save you a box of ammo. http://www.jasonwinnie.com/open-top-pancake-with-body-shield-j111/

I know that holster very well. It’s the same as a holster (by the original manufacturer) I’ve been touting as the most comfortable and concealable OWB holster I’ve ever worn. I have several of them and the oldest is over 30 years old and holding strong.

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Any thoughts on the thumb snap version as opposed to the open top version? I see that the thumb snap permits cocked and locked carry,

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The only time I carry in holsters with any kind of retention straps is when outdoors on horseback or if I think I might take a tumble on a trail hiking and such and even then it’s rare. I think they slow down my draw and I don’t really see a benefit in many cases. But that is a very personal decision. I carry my 1911s C&L either way all the time.

Quick story, I had a horse start bucking on me quite unexpectedly and I was carrying one of my 1911s in that exact holster with no thumb strap. The gun never moved.

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You can carry condition one without a retention strap. A proper holster should hold the gun in just fine. Unless you do a LOT of jumping around! If I ever get a bike I will use a similar holster with a thumb snap, but no need for current carry.

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Good to know. Thank you!

You are most welcome!

You’re right on both counts Scott.
My 3" Kimber CDP ll is very concealable.
That 2" ob barrel is a LOT when trying to conceal!
All the best.

This morning I was in a private advanced SD class at a range addressing folks for 2 hours and at the end I was going to demonstrate drawing/shooting from deep concealment Accurately and fast.

I lifted my ultra light nylon shirt and drew and fired a Kimber Pro Tactical from a cheap Uncle Mikes cloth holster carried AIWB. Every member of the class was shocked I was carrying a gun, not because they were not expecting it but because no one knew where it was. For those not familiar with it, the Kimber Pro Tactical has a 4” barrel (Slightly easier for appendix carry) but a full sized government sized frame WITH a mag well which extends the grip past where a normal full sized 1911 would be. Not a small gun, but it shows that most times the easiest, simplest approach is the most successful.

BTW, I love nice holsters too but the cheap Uncle Mikes trick came from one of my mentors who is a very high level Federal agent/trainer in his department’s Special Forces team. He is a big believer in “If it works, it’s good kit.”, and AIWB carries a Glock 34 on occasion!

No idea why two of the pics loaded sideways but you get the idea.

image image

+1 on no need for a retention strap. Same boat. I don’t use retention straps unless certain physical activities are the order of the day. I know it’s not a Wilson combat, but here is my daily carry alien gear rig. I do not think that a 1911 needs a retention strap purely for safety. They are perfectly safe to carry in condition one without one.

Doesn’t that setup present a problem when driving? Or sitting?
My setup is at 4 o’clock IWB kydex with 3” 1911, never a problem in and out of car, but I do have a hard time drawing when seatbelted in. If I bend down to touch toes, I may print. My stature and, unfortunate belly, prevents AIWB.

Not at all for me, actually pretty comfortable, but as you noted AIWB tends to be very dependent on how you are built for it to be a viable option. If you can pull it off you can “hide” bigger guns while wearing lighter clothing than with the more standard 3-4:00 placement.

Actually many folks can successfully carry a fairly big handgun at 2:00 IWB (just to the side of appendix) without it printing but a lot of folks never try that.

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Thank you, photos helped. Guess I’ll need to loose 20 or so pounds! OK, maybe 40, but who’s counting.


Hey, we all need goals :+1: :+1:

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