Will my wife be happy?

Rainy cold day today. Dry fire training inside the house today with sirt pistol and knee pads.
Lying on the tile floors and sliding around aiming at different targets from different angles.
By now I’ve dusted the kitchen and dining room floors.
You think my wife will be happy I did house work?
My view is I was doing double duty, training and cleaning.


I think ecstatic. I know my wife is happy I stay semi competent, and often asks if I’m going to the club first thing in the morning. If I haven’t gone for a week she’s reminding me I should train. Not sure if it’s a security thing or she has a boyfriend :laughing:
My last Lazer training session, Jan watched and was impressed. All carpeting downstairs,no sliding, ‘cuz rug burns…and old knees, doncha’ know.


U Da Man!!! But from page 187 of the “Red Neck Book of Rules”
Always say Cleaned the House FIRST, before you say gun.


There is no way you’re over 40 years old, 45 tops! :slight_smile: I’d have to pop some extra naprosyn to be able to think about doing this!


No, she will not even notice. If you bring it up she will look around and say “you missed a spot under the table”. :roll_eyes:


Now you need to sweep the whole house dry firing! Double the love!


@Fizbin , oh I’m pushing quite a bit more than 40 or 45.


@MikeBKY , ok, now your giving my wife ideas. She reads Community also.


Hope you had a white t shirt on. Then when the" what did you do to this shirt". You have a productive answer worthy of praise.


I’m sure she was happy to see the dusted floors. I think I will do that, myself, and get some cleaning and training done. Thank you for sharing that.


My wife would have videoed the whole thing saying how cute it looked, sending it to kids and grandkids…“look at pappy playing toy guns”…


Sounds good to me. Your wife should be happy.

Do you know anything about these computer training programs that work together with a SIRT pistol? I’m looking for some feedback other than my own thoughts and I also think it would great to get something that shows where the bullet hits (shooting at a target on a laptop for example). Something simulating sound would be great too…

@Joseph424 - A reasonable product could be LASERHIT. It shows where your laser bullet light hits a target. Gives you a beep when to fire and let’s you know the seconds plus tenths of second it took you to fire.
Good use for practicing drawing and firing.


I use a G-Sight, works really well for me.

@William377 You have just fulfilled Valentines Day👍

First rule for getting credit for housework: If she doesn’t see it, it didn’t happen.

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As a wife, I would notice but not say anything. It’s your house, too. However, that being said, if you say something when there’s clean underwear in your drawer or the bathroom is clean, then she will probably say something.
My husband never says anything about the housework, however he sure is happy when I clean his guns while I’m cleaning mine. He always compliments me on my shooting, is always ready to go to the range with me, and keeps the ammo safe full. He’s really good about the important stuff.

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@Jean7 - it’s good to see another couple who enjoys range time together. I and my wife rather go to the range than go to a nice restaurant. Because of Covid, staying away from indoor groups of people, we’ve found our local outdoor range is very enjoyable. Do you realize how much ammo can be purchased for what a nice dinner for two costs? LOL

I sure do know how much money can be saved by not eating out. However, the price of ammo here is really high with shortages of some calibers. Our local indoor range has been closed since Covid. They’d like to reopen but are having trouble finding qualified personnel who want to work. We’ve been going to BLM land for years, Being retired, we go during the week and have the ranges pretty much to ourselves. Try to go once a week which doesn’t always happen due to duck season and salmon season. But, I’ll take what I can get.
A side benefit to the Covid shutdowns is we have both have lost weight due to having to eat our own cooking. My husband dropped 20 lbs and I’m down 45 lbs.