Why Don't We Have Better Candidates for President? - Freakonomics

Good podcast about the duopoly of the american political system. How we got here and some ideas to make things better. A two party political system was one of the great fears of the founders, yet here was are.

" *John Adams said at one point, “There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the Republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader and concerting measures in opposition to each other.” And if you take a look at Washington’s farewell address, which he wrote in 1796, he talks about “dangers which could come in front of the Republic in the future.” And he specifically focuses on two. One is foreign influence, and the other is partisanship. The other danger is the formation of strong parties."

  • Ranked-choice voting
  • open primaries
  • end gerrymandering

The original supposition is incorrect. Both Trump and Bobby are outsiders, which is supported by the level of law-fare and censorship both are receiving.

Ranked choice voting makes it easier to steal elections.
Political parties should not have complete control over the candidate pool. Which is why someone like Bobby is forced to run as an independent.
Gerrymandering should be abolished because rather than a candidate representing a district, the district is cut up to support the candidate.

The Federal Government has no jurisdiction in my State. The Federal Government was created by the States and is therefore subordinate to the States. The Fed was delegated only a limited set of functions.

All politics is local. Get involved in county elections, school boards, Sheriff, mayors, local judges, State and Federal Representatives and Senators. All these people come from your district.

It’s the only way we avoid the collapse of America and a one-world government where you own nothing and like it.


They do discuss Trump as an outsider/outlier. But the larger point is how the duopoly and barriers to entry of other candidates and other parties is a real problem. If we have several parties and government was formed by loose coalitions, we would have much better government much more responsive to the people. How does a person like Lauren Boobert get elected let alone re-elected?

If you think about it, Trump might be the catalyst for the creation of a viable third party. Trump has really splintered the Republican party and the Democrats party not being that popular either, the “moderate middle” has a golden opportunity to form a third party. Joe Manchin, Liz Caney, Mitt Romney.

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Ive been to enough countries that have a multiparty system to understand that is a much worse hell. When a candidate wins an election with30% of the vote it only means that 7 out of every 10 people HATE HIM! They become quagmires of "compromise and alliances, more like a national reality series of the TV show “Survival”. At least in the 2 party system the stated platform of both parties is very polarized and you do require a clear majority (even if slim) of the vote, either via electoral college or popular in non-presidential elections. Any other way of slicing the pie is just a massive CF…



Edit: So what you are saying is you want to create a political party that no one would vote for because all of the politicians you named so far are at best ones who bit the hands that protected them, or at worst betrayed them.



There are more than 2 political parties in America; the communist party, libertarian party, and numerous others I can’t think of. No thank you to the European system of trying to appease everyone. I love the electoral college making all states important and larger populations can’t impose their beliefs onto others.

The problem right now is that corrupt politicians have obtained control and have rigged the system. And the people aren’t willing like our founding fathers to put it all on the line.

Because a common man can’t get elected.Just to be Governor of a state you have to have millions upon millions to get there. So only rich entitled pos liars get elected. Our choices have not been optimal for almost 40 years. Neither side really gives two pieces of crap about us. It just about more to them. More money,more power,more do anything it takes to get there,more gonna do what it takes to keep it.

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Wish I had an easier answer. Some shared some good insight of other countries. If another country had a better system, not kidding, I’d be interested to learn it. From school, I used to think that Congress and the Judicial system, the other two branches of government — were supposed to serve as Checks and Balances in case of problems with a President per se.

Guess I might encourage that more “good and smart” people, be brave and run for office.

I may complain that our country is often not in agreement, but maybe it’s still a good system. Not my area of knowledge, but really appreciate your topic’s title point.

I, firmly, believe that elections should be under the FEC auspices with no outside money allowed. That used to be a mark pride for a Presidential candidate that the election would be free of undue outside money when both parties did not allow outside money in. Then we need term limits on all political offices local, state, and federal. Get these entrenched kleptocrats out of office. I watched a finance blogger who followed all of Nancy Pelosi’s trades. If you followed her purchases and sales, your stock portfolio would perform 5 times better than Warren Buffett.


Hahaha, my son has said the same thing. One of the guys he follows says Nancy is his biggest indicator to buy or sell a stock.

I used to think I wanted to run for office but I started watching how candidates were treated. The media was merciless, the other party was the same. I guess it’s a good way of finding someone who can withstand it. But man, it turns people off from running for office. I especially don’t want to have to be appointed to a position and have to deal with a senate hearing. No thank you, I’ll stay home, learn to farm and play some stocks.