Why do Glocks get all the toys?

Glock Perfection doesn’t mean you don’t change anything about it to me it’s talking more about its simplicity reliability and durability. The aftermarket parts and upgrades are for personal preference which eventually makes it Perfection for the specific person.

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It’s simply a function of the market. Glock did a fantastic job early on of flooding the market by practically giving the guns away to LEO’s and Military, got great reviews, and thus became an instant hit with the public.

As a result they created a massive demand for aftermarket accessories and parts.

The biggest cost in producing things industrially is setting up to do so, thus the more widgets you are producing the cheaper the cost for each widget is.

If you are producing widgets that are always in high demand you benefit from that lower cost of production per item.

Companies count on making their pre production costs back as quickly as possible by producing the highest demand volume items first and then will expand outward from there.

We see the same thing with ammo every time there’s a new wizbang bullet or brand that hits the market. The first runs will be in 9mm, then 45acp, followed by 40 S&W based on expected sales volumes because the 9mm is by far the most widely used for SD followed by the other two.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re not at the point now where .40 S&W is either approaching or already has finally overtaken the .45 acp as number 2 because of the lower recoil.

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How it actually worked, and why Glocks are the standard.

A fresh start on engineering a firearm, brilliant marketing, out of the Box strategies for both sales and using negative press to your advantage, and an unrelenting belief in the possibilities of making things happen. Add that to competitors who had gotten completely complacent about quality, and who thought they owned the market and that they knew everything there was to know about it.

Glock: The Rise of America’s Gun