You Get What You Pay For But REALLY?

So Tauras finally after 7 months got my brand new G2c to my shop and in my hands. This was a brand new replacement for the one that I bought in 2019. Here is my question or concern. The gun needed one heck of a cleaning. Like how much grease do they pack? Even the saftey plunger gobbed in grease. So I did a complete breakdown and cleaning. Is this normal? Im used to glocks with minimal any lube besides the normal bronze break in grease. Is this normal? I oiled it up pretty good after the intense cleaning. Do other brands just take more ? Ibwant to keepnit clean the right way!


If you are used to Glock not being that way, and I recently bought a M&P Shield 2.0 and a Springfield xds mod2 (both new) that were also minimal protective coated. I would say unless it is a oddball one time thing, that may be normal for them. Upside I guess better too much than not enough :man_shrugging:.


Thank you! Actually before this i had only glocks. And before i even thought about cleaning it i sent this one back. So i cant even compair. My only guess is they test fired this one to make sure it ran well. I know it was fired for a fact. I just really wanna know how much does it really need. I use a great oil thats used for automatic guns. So the thing is like butter now.


Do not compare to Glock… Glock runs without any lube… and plastic doesn’t need grease for preservation…
OK… I was kidding…

All my guns came with factory grease / lube… whatever it was. The most “greased” was Rock Island 1911, it was so “greased” that original fiber rod was destroyed by it.

It’s better to have too much factory protective lube and clean it than have nothing and end up with rust on the barrel.


You obviously were never issued a brand new M16 in the Military. I have seen less grease in a wheel bearing.

I am not joking , it was really that bad.



Neither of my two EDC’s, one of which is a G2C, came greased like that. Even then, the first thing I’ve done with each of my weapons is tear it down and clean it. Mostly because I enjoy doing it.

I did purchase a GSG Firefly to plink with, it was loaded with white grease. Had to field strip and clean the entire weapon, which has functioned well since then.


CZ’s also tend to come “well lubed” with a preservative that rivals cosmoline. Clean ‘em, and they function perfectly. Shoot ‘em w/out cleaning first and…YMMV