My Biggest Beef with Glock

Checked out the gun counter for the first time in a while. I know the G19 is the “gold standard” firearm and the most popular handgun in America… but why is it marked $100 more than the G45 which clearly has more materials and machine work done (longer grip, and forward slide serrations).

I love Glock, I know price and demand is a thing. I’d spend $100 more over other brands for the glock… but $200.

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Definitely a supply and demand thing in a virus and protest crazed market. The G19 does seem to hit the sweet spot for concealabilty and shootability for many folks. Hopefully we’ll get back to the $500 days in the not too distant future🤞


That’s really not a manufacturer question. Sure they have their MSRP, but I’m sure Academy knows the demand is higher from the under-educated for the G19 then the G45.


Prices are reversed at BassPro.

G19: $599.99
G45: $649.99

So, like @William591 said, not the manufacturer, its the retailer that’s setting the prices.


A LGS occasionally sells used (police trade-ins). Prices used to be about $150 less than brand new. I wonder how they’re pricing them now.

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I’ve heard with Glock they have very strict baseline prices. I could have heard incorrectly though. I’m sure the +$200 is more of Academy’s doing though. That’s going to push a lot of people to go with other options.

Price was one of the many reasons I went with M&P for my first gun.

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That makes more sense to me.

Exactly. I have found Glock’s to be fairly priced around here - at least pre-COVID (which was the last time I bought one).

It is actually nice to see “INVENTORY” versus empty glass shelves. Of course, the warehouses are now completely empty of F-15’s and nukes.


Yes it is :us:

Funny thing is I have bought a Glock for a higher retail price, but I bought it from my local gun store. There’s also been talk of the 19X manufacturing ending since the 45 is around. It also came with night sights.

I’ve bought guns from Acadamy in the past, but if I’m not going to pay a big box retailers higher prices.

Was supposed to be a budget friendly gun… investors over ruled the mr Glock.

That’s your biggest beef with Glock? :scream:

LOL! Prices have gone up across the board and it doesn’t seem like they’re going up in a predictable manner.


Price is set by whatever people are willing to pay.

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Bottom line. You get what you pay for. Any brand.

My vote is this is an Academy issue as well. In my area the G45 is in much more demand than the 19, so much I get begged frequently to sell mine. Academy’s in my area have all Glocks, with the exception of the G19 Gen 3s marked up significantly. However, local gun shops are still priced reasonably with very little variance in price across the generations.

Yes they did! My HK P30 is now $850

That G19 mislabeled as Gen5 thik it is Gen4 (lacks the front serrations), and looks like the sights are upgrade from the plastics which could effect the price. Can’t tell in the picture but could be a G19C for “compensated” if the cut outs are atop the slide. Just my 2 cents from what I can see in pictures.

Also the Gen 4 G19 has a finger grip, not flat like the Gen 5

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what if it’s on sale? Did it suddenly become less product?