Who Is Your Hero?

Just wonder if someone you know, or heard of, profoundly impacted you by their actions or words. You look at them as a hero. It can be anyone, not neccesarily a public figure.
I’ll start… Todd Beamer. Most famous for his last known words… “Let’s roll.”



Outstanding choice @TexasEskimo

My husband. Special Forces Vietnam vet, 2A warrior, inventor, dad. Hes a man of convictions with the steel to back it up.

Also Colion Noir, who is my favorite no-BS voice for our rights. He inspires me every single time I hear him talk.


My father. This picture is from the 1970s when he was younger than I am now. He taught me to shoot and hunt, how to have a relationship with God, and what it means to serve one’s family. He went home in 2007, but I think of him every day. sort of my own “WJJD?” (What would Jack do?)


In an echo to @Zee’s post, I’d have to say:

My wife, whom I swear can make something from nothing, ALWAYS keeps her promises, and does whatever needs doing no matter how hard it might be. Besides, she has put up with me for over 44 years, which is worth a medal in itself.

My mother, who, despite tremendous challenges, lived according to her faith every day, and remains a source of inspiration long after leaving this life.

My father, who taught me a valuable trade and to think independently, along with a number of other bedrock principles.

There are a number of other people whom, while I may disagree with them in part or in whole, I nevertheless admire them for attributes of courage or integrity or steadfastness which I find inspiring.



Can’t think of anyone else who has even come close.

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image and image and my mom.

@Zee has a huge heart and is willing to help everyone!
@Tim is always pushing people to be their best and willing to help them become a better version of themselves.
And my mom is open-minded, supportive, and willing to help everyone. She raised two very strong-willed children and is still sane! :smiley:


My step-dad, he taught me to never give up. He taught me how to take care of my family. He taught me more than I can ever put into words. His father also had a large impact on my life, everything he said always had meaning. I learned more about life from this man. I still hear his lessons call to me more as I grow older.


@Dawn :blush::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ya’ all are starting to get me misty eyed! :+1:


Anyone ever mention your husband looks like Dennis Quaid (spelling).

I enjoy Liberty Doll, and Colion Noir. I usually wind up, when, in the process of discussing pro2A of
HULK SMASH!!! Because no matter how many times you try to talk logically and represent facts, they want to talk about their feelings.

My true heroes though are in no particular order my counsellor and my wife. They took a very damaged teenaged boy, who never expected to see 25, and turned him into a man that anyone could be proud of. I became a sheepdog instead of the wolf I was starting as.

Also my cousin Jim who gave me a societally approved way to channel the rage and testosterone my father abused me into.

That’s as real and as honest as I can be.




sometimes :slight_smile:
Also, Sam Elliot a lot. Occasionally Kris Kristofferson. When he was young, Tom Selleck, and now that he’s mostly gray, Billy Connolly. When we were in So.Cal, he’d get asked to sign autographs a LOT. He defenitely looks like SOMEbody… :wink: … we’re just not always sure who they think he is :grin:

I think it’s pretty Awesome that some folks got ahold of you and changed your world… that’s definitely hero material @Zavier_D


I Agree, Jesus Christ is my Hero.


@Zee your husband could be my older brother. I get the Sam Elliot reference and Jeff Foxworthy without the twang all the time for my voice. Folks swear I’m from Arkansas or Texas, little do they know I’m from Exit 4 in New Jersey :rofl::rofl: I wasn’t born in the South but I got here as quick as I could.



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My father and my son. Both Marines (it was a generation skipping disease) and both great men. My father taught me how to be a good father, friend and husband. My son taught me that service did not die in the current generation.


I have a few starting with my grandfathers from both sides. Finest men I’ve ever known.


My grandfather who was my inspiration to join the Marines. He WAS my father figure, he served from Korea to Nam and taught me everything I knew about being a Marine and what it meant to be a REAL man and patriot. When he died a piece of my heart was torn from my chest. Because of that I got the EGA tattooed on my right breast with “SEMPER FI Virgil Heap”


I like the way some grandfathers are getting a shout out here. I’ll never forget my first time using a gun was a shotgun, I was 13. My grandpa took me out back of his house and told me to shoot at a target nearby. I remember pulling the trigger, and then… laying on my back empty handed with grandpa looking down at me and saying with a grin… “great job, you hit the target, and not my truck”.


One of my grandfathers was an original member of the first CB’s unit and served there for the entirety of the war and then all the way through Korea. He was one of the military liaisons/advisers for the movie.

Got out after Korea and went to work for the Federal Highway Administration as an Engineer.


My first “competition gun” was my grandfathers old Mossberg squirrel rifle. Took me to three consecutive state championship shoots competing with people shooting high end custom target guns. HA!