Where should we put our money for 2A and American values?

I thought this was a good video, and it made me want to start this discussion.

What we have is a culture war on traditional American values that includes 2A rights.

That’s why when looney toons gets guns replaced with blades, it’s more than just a dumb decision. It’s a real move on the culture that Contradicts 2A.

With Cancel Culture being such a huge thing, we are being put in the position where we are going to have to reallocate money to programs.

Here’s what I support 2A advocacy wise:
NRA (I joined them back when the NY lawsuit started. I am not a huge NRA fan. I know that’s a touchy subject, but I am a member, but I prefer the GOA).

Media wise, I support the following (I understand that you may not agree with these mediums, but I encourage you to find other mediums separately from mainstream media & big tech)

I joined Crowders Mug Club (it’s basically a Blaze subscription, I wouldn’t have it if it weren’t for Crowder though)
Daily Wire : they hired Gina Corona (there’s a great interview on YouTube). They are making movies that are not designed to be political, they are designed to not be influenced by woke Hollywood. ( Their movie Run Hide Fight is actually a good movie).
Warrior Poet Society Network: this is my favorite out of all of them. I really like what John Lovell stands for. He is creating a platform where guntubers can go if they get kicked from YouTube. He already has a great amount of exclusive content (training and entertainment), and he is hosting multiple channels already on WPSN.

I’ve also bought a few Ts and Hats from The Hodge Twins. I think they are a great channel for the culture.

This is a cultural thing. When the culture of America decides gun owners = quacks (which is how “common sense” Gun control is passed) we could actually lose our rights. This is a very real thing. It’s not a physical war, it’s a cultural one. We need to get away from mainstream media (whether your liberal or conservative, find a different outlet than MSM).

Incoherent Rambling done.


Nick Searcy has gotten tired of being on the defensive. Same with Dan Bongino. They put their money where their mouth is.
I encourage you to support Creado and Parler.


I vote for SPEND YOUR MONEY LOCAL. Support those State, County and City groups/orgs first.
I belong to the Idaho 2nd Amendment Alliance. they focus on STATE LAWS (for and against) that either bolsters 2nd Amendment rights or fights against those (possible laws) who undermine same (i.e. red flag laws).

I ‘was’ a NRA member, but saw ‘No benefit’ to my money spent. now with the current congress, what’s the point of fighting at that level. Congress (house and Senate) are against guns. so are the Courts (federal). we have to use our money at the state and local level and push from there.


Put your money in guns and ammo. :rofl:


Im limited as to what I can support but would really like to support the GOA, I probably will do that soon. I would also like to support Daily Wire. Crowder is hilarious but when it comes down to news I think Shapiro is more objective and on point. I do support Vigilance Elite and WPS. Shawn Ryan is great, no bullshit and straight to the point.


SAF and GOA and any others you can afford to support is probably a good thing…

although there have been in the past new supposedly pro gun groups come out…

that were false… so any new ones need a careful looky see before???

OH and SAF has been very active in suing the bastuges…

I have mentioned in other posts here that I have donated my stimulus checks to various organizations that need our support. I am waiting for this next check so I can continue doing that. I will be giving to some of the following. Problem is, my list is getting too long. Do I give a bigger check to just a couple or spread out a bunch of small checks to a lot more organizations ???

• My state Gun Owners Caucus
• NRA (some folks don’t like this organization, but they are fighting for our rights at the federal level)
• Prager University
• Hillsdale College
• Project Veritas

I have never given to any political campaign, but with vice president Biden in office now, I may need to consider saving up for a contribution to the next presidential election.