When Caught Cheating Just "insert citations and quotation marks that were omitted"

"Gay is proactively requesting four corrections in two articles to insert citations and quotation marks that were omitted from the original publications, "

Once one has reached the pinnacles of academia they can use word soup salad and dinner to get out of anything. Lest we forget, these are the “Leaders” of the institutions called the best in the world. I sure hope people realize, what she said was not a mistake. They teach this stuff in their classrooms.


The fox in charge of the hen house :roll_eyes:


I think she acted remarkably given she realize her mistake, apologized and is actively trying to correct her publication. Some feelings were hurt. Hopefully they will get over it.

Same can be said about almost every thief being hauled by cops to the slammer.


Yea but to keep this thread on track I don’t think one can compare her to a thief. Whether or not people realize she made a mistake is not up to me to judge.

Plagiarism is not theft? She did not benefit from it, becomig a Harvard president and raking in her massive salary?

I couldnt care less about bickering of academics over a paragraph or two. But she is running a U of Hamas. IMO, a veritable pogrom will happen before long.


You already made a judgment by not comparing her to a thief.


I think she deserves that. Besides this isn’t about me. We would have to start a new thread for that.

That’s NOT a Mistake, that is her position and the position of the institution and it’s leadership. She isn’t apologizing, she’s doing damage control. Until we call it what it really is and stop accepting the hollow phony apologies they will continue to teach their left, arguably Marxist, ideologies.


It seems to me like Gay made a mistake. I don’t know how to discuss it politically but it seems she got to where she has to be. How she got there doesn’t matter to me.

When a person gets into trouble toeing the company line you call it a mistake? I call it believing in the message and purposely carrying it out into public.


Interesting how you switched her serious transgression to appear as though it is the victim’s fault for resenting the theft of her intellectual property. The victim here is the author of not just an un-cited paragraph or two but, interviewed on Mewsmax tonight, the true author personally assessed this as not just the oversight of attribution but the general content theft of the central idea with plagiarized paragraphs providing the final slap in the face.

The sheer intellectual laziness of this DEI poster child is borne out by the fact she has produced only 10 papers in her entire academic career, compared with some of her contemporaries who produced 19 or 20 works in a year! Only 10 papers . . . no books or theses. She is the perfect embodiment of “The Peter Principle”: An employee’s rise in an organization is limited by the level of their own incompetence.


When did this go out of style?

They keep screaming we should be more like Europe,
1400’s was a good year! 1600’s as well.
If genocide is back…


It’s not carbon friendly. :rofl:


Wow! That is rich. Did you get all that from the article?
You are a better reader than me. A better communicator also.
She may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, when it comes to being fair I think she is
up there. At least the best they can find.

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Then the democrap investigation into Watergate shouldn’t have caused Nixon to resign by that thinking.


The problem is the culture of Anti-americanism that she has been fostering in Harvard, that other leftist and snobbish U’s have been fostering. Anti-semitism and incompetence/cheating are naturally fitting parts of that culture, they are the symptom. We need to treat the cause of sickness, you treat the symptoms, they will keep appearing.
Before all this broke out with terrorism in Israel, remember the students harassed in the library, because they were violating “safe space” for minorities with their presence. Nobody calls out these U’s, what safe spaces? How dare you promote segregation? How about a civil rights lawsuit?


Theft of intellectual property.
The same reason community theater can’t put on a play without paying a fee.


Can I use that phrase in my next post¿
Not sure how that fits in or who/what you were responding to.
My guess it is @Alexander8 “if one is paying for the room they can decide who comes and goes.

I don’t follow that crap.