Aftermath of a Bad Post

Post deleted because it’s probably not appropriate.

Kamala will protect us while Joe naps.

If anything happens, hopefully the fools will fight amongst themselves.


Whom decides inappropriate? Same whom determined appropriate face coverings. Lol you are all clowns.

1st amendment? Perhaps?

@DAWN Goddess of the ban hammer. Many of us have approached and stepped on and perchance OVER the line and a velvet hand coddles us to be more “appropriate”. Some get it, some don’t. There are usually more than one way to get your point across and not offend the powers that be. The 1st amendment only works as far as the owners of the site allow it to. This little sandbox is ours to play in as long as they who shall not be named are not offended. The rules are there for all to follow or face your discipline. The speed limit is 55 not 64.5 because 9 your fine, 10 your mine and following traffic doesn’t work at 80+



Nope, at that point you are a leader. And that’s frowned upon, right Alex you subversive plant. No offense Craig. Just an observation. Nothing toward the truth speakers. Psst check past posts.