When are they going to pass the national carry?

Politicians dragging their feet the house passed it with no problem when is the senate going to do their job so trump can sign it ??

@Timothy3. Never going to happen. It may pass in a couple states but never on the national stage. Here in Illinois, NY, Mass, CA, and about 13 more. Never going to happen. That bill is DOA, Congress is now majority Democrat, and Senate is just holding on by a thread. Should the bill pass the house which it will not. Liberal Republicans will be a No vote in the senate so it’s not going to ever happen.

It did pass the house it’s been sitting in the senate for a long while., I have 38 states but have to lock her up in the others…Tim

All I am saying it did pass the last Congress but the bill is being blocked in the US Senate and only has a 4% chance of ever coming out of committee. So Never is going to happen as our country turns more anti-gun

I dunno, they are pushing for “common sense” gun laws, this prez may just be cagey enough to say standards across the U.S. need to be the same so a national firearms purchase card my fold right into a national CCW. The kid from the Garlic Festival shooting used the disparity of laws between the states to end around CA’s laws. So it could rightly be stated that there is an “Inter state commerce” issue which the federal authority has jurisdiction. By submission of proof of firearms education, military or LEO service you would also get a federal CCW, you have already passed the 4473 check. You would still have to fill out a 4473 to make sure you were still current. No different than now. Hell while we are at it make it a voter registration card and drivers license all in one.

Food for thought.



It passed the house when it was under Republican control but needs 60 votes to pass the senate which it did not have and it never came up for a vote. I believe the bill is dead (sine die -failed) because it was not passed before the legislative session ended.


@MikeBKY Exactly Mike it’s just not going to happen as people thought. I wish it could but … Wishful thinking isn’t going to make it happen and the liberal Republicans will just vote Present should it come up ever again.


I wonder if we are kin ?? Tim. Burns