What's your favorite training drill on the range?


You’ve got 30 minutes of range time squeezed into a crazy hectic week, what is your go-to drill this week?

Your go-to drill can definitely change from week to week, what would you do this week?


Mag changes. Match your hectic schedule with a hectic training tempo.

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I’d probably work this drill if I only had 30 minutes. Very good consistency drill I learned from Aaron Barruga of Guerrilla Approach. He breaks down the drill at 8:28 mark. 24 rounds at 15 feet with various sizes of targets.


I ripped one of those out of Recoil magazine once. I like their targets in Recoil. I use them somewhat regularly. The nice thing is, if you’re creative, you can come up with different training based on the instructions on the targets.


Aaron Barruga has solid training, and does an excellent job sharing it with people too broke to get to his class.

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Failure drills. 2/chest, 1/head. Between 7&10 yds for self-defense routines with the AK47. I was taught these from friends who trained at the Rockwell Training Group.

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Only 30 mins. I’m doing the dot torture drill/test


That’s awesome! A number of different skills are being worked on that… Love it, @Sheepdog556!


It does and it seems simple but its exhausting. I started @ 3 yards. Now I’m at 7. Once I get to ten yards I’m gonna work on speeding it up.


Wow. That’s a tuffy.
I would warm up with dawning & dry firing then one of my favorite drills is one I learned from Johnny nettles. This combines fast draw and shooting skills under stress.
At the signal a person stands behind you to either side 21 feet away. You are to engage your target before he can run up and touch you on the back.
This is part of the tuellor drill, imagining he/ she has an edged weapon running at you full speed.
If this doesn’t build stress I don’t know what will.
It is best to use simunition for safety reasons.
21 feet isn’t that far away in this scenario. Some may modify the tuellor drill to farther away for starters. It has been proven that you have to be mighty fast to beat the tuellor drill. No stove pipes here.