Train more frequently prepared and focused

At the cost of ammo, who can afford to go to the range once a week? Let me help you with this. Having a training plan set up and being ready to go is a better way to do your training and it doesn’t take 500 to 1000 rounds. There are different drills you can do and use from 50 to 200 rounds. These will challenge you and help you improve your all round skills.
Dot Torture Drill- Each of the circles on the target give you the drill to do. Utilizing both hands, weak hand, and strong hand. (50 rounds)
One to Ten drill- On a target at 15 feet shoot a round into the target the try to punch the next round through the same hole. (10 to 50 rounds)
Switch hitting- 6 - Two inch circles at ten feet. Two rounds in each circle fast as possible without missing. (25 to 50 rounds)
Doing these or similar drills and only using a minimal amount of ammunition will give you some range time, improve your skills and make you feel better. Well, I always feel better after range time. It is like therapeutic.
When all done and said ask yourself, what could I do better? and what am I going to do next? Using the minimum amount of ammunition will make it more cost effective but still give you the range time. Be safe and wash your hands!