Having a Gun on Your Hip is Not Enough

What do you do with every magazine to improve your skills?

I like the recommended course of fire for training. If all you can do is 10 rounds it’s a great.

My regret is I can’t get to the range every day so I practice with dry fire. Don’t forget a nice set of snap caps for your pistol!

If you have a regular weekly or bi weekly trip to the range I’d suggest it’s a good practice if you’ve got even more time to use it as a warm up. Maybe even a cool down after. Another thing I like are the RE Factor Essential target sheet and their “Essential Shooting Guide.” They have a standard course of fire recommended in the first pages of the book. And then many more to break up the routine and develop skills and familiarity. Good Stuff.

Remember your protection equipment can also be “fun” in that building skill and comfort handling the equipment are part of our goal seeking nature!

I posted this on another thread but it is even more appropriate here.

I agree with the others. Everyone should try to learn something new from each class and even each trip to the range. Try something new or try a different way. Try shooting further, or support hand or unsupported. Try shooting unsupported with your support hand, after all, there’s a reason you’re not shooting dominant hand. Send the target a little further down range or try a smaller target. I usually bring home printed targets with 4 4 inch circles on an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet and try grouping rounds in the circles.

This video tells the truth. Shooting stady target (even 25 yards)with both hands only it’s not what you want. It’s good for warm up, but it isn’t even close to real situations.
“Dot Torture Drill” is a good way to practice dominant and non-dominant hands. You can make it more challenging using “other strong” hand for both-hand grip.
The point is to try all possible scenarios in real life - if you are lucky, you shot both hands, but you have to be prepare to use your non-dominant side or non-dominant single hand…
Great video and simple drill for everyday practice (only 8 rounds :wink:)