How often do you train with your off hand?

You never know when a self-defense incident will happen, and there’s a chance you might be injured before you can access your firearm. Do you train to draw with your non-dominant hand?

How often do you shoot with your non-dominant hand?


I have only recently started with off-hand practice on a .22 lr double action revolver. I believe that I have a decent smooth da trigger pull, and I am looking to step up a little & start working with the Boss’ .38 special next (I don’t have a 9mm, or I would use it).


Once a class when I had a Instructor (At least two magazines), it was usually at the end of class he would say something along the lines “you just got shot in the shoulder” and I would put my right hand on my left shoulder and shoot one handed lefty. We never did practice a left handed draw.


I try to shoot a few rounds with my weak hand every time I go to the range. When I do remember, it’s normally 10-25 rounds depending on how much ammo I have left for that session.

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2 -3 times per week dry fire training and once per month live fire during class.

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Two times a week with my SIRT and then every time I go to the range. Every other month I do the FBI certification test. This guides me to if I am improving and how much.

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As much as possible being that I had surgery on my dominant hand .

I don’t practice drawing with my weak hand put I do practice picking up the firearm off the ground, reloads and malfunction clearing one handed. I keep the range anywhere from bad breath to 15 yds.

Every trip to the range. However, I have not practiced drawing with my ND hand. That’s probably something I should incorporate!

Every time I’m at the range.

Not because I’m responsible, just because it’s fun.