Tueller drill revisited

I have heard about the Tueller drill for some time now. I have even trained on the subject. 21 feet can be covered in 1,5 seconds and how fast can you draw? Even @Dawns post of," The Tueller Drill in Action: Get off the X has covered the drill but I just watched a good video that helps cover the study of the Tueller Drill and what it was about, watch this video, it is very enlightning,


As John over on ASP says: distance buys you time and time gives you options. I don’t think I’m in situations enough where training for this comes to mind quickly. It’s good to watch things like this but when there are years or decades between seeing or participating in training and having to employ it kind of makes it useless to me. Better to practice draw, point shoot in my mind.

Of course some training for it is better than no training for it.


Can’t watch the video at the moment but have done some firearm training on this with a charging target in the distant past. More recently I have been training on this with my martial arts coach.

21 feet is way too close against a charging attacker. Even if you are able to somehow recognize and start reacting to the attack the instant they start to make their move, and even if you have a lightning fast draw, the best you are likely to do is hit them just before they hit you.

In my practice, if I react instantly which doesn’t always happen even though I am expecting the attack to start at any moment, it is best to move away from the charge (not backwards or crossing feet!) while drawing if I have space to move. If I don’t react instantly or have nowhere to move to it is best to use my hands and/or feet to keep their weapon from hitting me and either take their weapon from them or get them knocked back or on the ground long enough for me to get a clean draw.


Great video to watch and understand the concept.
But reality is different. Just be aware of everything around you and be ready if needed.
21 feet is just the number, proven to be a specific one, but we are not able to determine exact distance if something happens.
I personally prefer to be ready for 30 feet, maybe 25… those are measurable right away.
If I can properly react and be accurate at 25, I’ll be ok in 21.

I’m glad they mentioned OODA loop at this video. That’s the most important part of being prepared.
Always Observe and Orient before reaching the distance of 25/21, then you have enough time to Decide and Act.


. …and get off the “X”…


Beat me to it.:+1:t4::+1:t4: