What's your EDC knife?

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If you are comfortable and confident with your knife, it’s worth the price tag!

I’ve always carried a folding knife, any suggestions as to why I should change to an automatic knife?

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Because the automatic knives are fun. Gotta make a wapusssshhhh sound when it opens. Makes a tool into a toy, then the price tag of a good knife isnt that bad. Or maybe that’s just me rationalizing buying new stuff…

i have an automatic folding knife, i don’t need an OTF. What’s that, deadpool?. Ok fine…


@RayFord that’s an excellent idea, to carry a self-addressed mailer envelope with you in an airport. I’m going to adopt the practice immediately! I did ask a TSA guy once if I could mail my knife to myself, and he told me in no uncertain terms NO! I had to surrender the knife right then and there. I think he was having a bad day, to my loss. I’m sure there are some TSA officers who are very understanding and then there will always be those who just don’t care. I’m glad you found at least one who cared. And thanks for the excellent idea!

@Brian1 I agree that auto knives are more fun. I like that click sound when they deploy, and I like knowing I can deploy the blade with just one hand. It’s not a necessity, @Dawn, but it sure is nice to only need one hand to open the knife.


@Robert5 I’m sorry to hear that you, too have lost some nice knives. I never would have thought of having them taken away at a hospital, though. I guess everywhere that has public access is a potential point for having our knives taken away from us. I don’t think the hospitals where I live (Central Florida) check visitors for knives or weapons YET, and I hope it’s a long way off if it ever has to happen. Guess it’s the world we live in now, though. Sad, but true.

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Here the county hospitals are where they tend to transport victims of crimes and gang violence. No one would be happy if a rival gang member stopped by and noticed someone with the wrong color tennis shoes on. Plus the 5150 patients are transported there.

I would get called to go wherever the people were sent. I did this for almost 12 years.

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Benchmade socp august release 173 bk mini or 176 socp, a standard, otf abit pricey,a fixedblade hoffman Richter wolf and a folding Hoffman Richter excellent knives,

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Just a note bechmade socp knives the dagger can be held in same hand as weapon if firing,can be in your edc bag or worn as. Kneck knife of in your pants in s variety of positions including horizontal

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You’ve got that right! My son asked me what I wanted for Father’s Day this year. I said I’m thinking about replacing the Kershaw I’ve been carrying for the last 20 something years. The blade is 1/4" shorter than it used to be and the grip is worn completely slick :slight_smile: He said tell me what you want and he bought it for me. I picked the Benchmade Griptillian with S30V blade - I said make sure you don’t buy the 154CM blade material. Got what I wanted and love it.


I like this website for knife blade steel information: https://knifeinformer.com/discovering-the-best-knife-steel/


:heart_eyes: that’s gorgeous!

@ChrisH … well, some of us can be wooed with knives and guns. Just sayin’ :wink:
Hubby: What do you want for Christmas?
Me: There’s a Chiappa Rhino sized hole in the safe…
:grin: :heart_eyes:

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That’s a very good point, Nancy. I do train to open my folding knife with one hand. My sons (19 year old twins) both carry folding knives for work and are very well versed in open and closing a knife with one hand since they use them so often.

I like the mailer idea too, @Rayford! And here I thought I was the only one who forgot a knife was in my carry on bag. :confused: I loved that knife and had been looking for it for weeks before the trip. Oh well, luckily it was a USCCA knife and I had an inside track on how to replace it when I got home. :smiley:

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Yeah that’d be a NO… lost 2 that way at airports. One went through 5 security scans and the US/Canada border each way before it was identified in the bottom of my hubby’s camera bag :woman_facepalming: we"d forgotten it was in there.
Once lost a hi-cap Glock .45 mag full of hollowpoints that way too… :grimacing:

The year was 1999. At the airport security check in Orlando they had a piece of tape exactly 3” from the edge of the luggage scanning equipment. When it was your turn you emptied the contents of your pockets into a little bowl and security would look everything over and return it to you on the secure side. If you had a pocketknife, they opened it and checked the blade length against the tape. If it passed, they closed it, handed it back to you, and you carried it on the airplane.

When I landed in Brussels, Belgium, I went thru customs. From there, I was flying to England, so had to go thru security again. I put my knife in the bowl, walked thru the scanner very confidently because everything was always fine in the USA. By the time I cleared the walk thru scanner 4 security guards were ready to whisk me off to the bowels of the airport for interrogation. It was like something out of a movie. They set me down on one side of a table with a reflector light hanging from a cord. Every time they asked me a question one of them would grab the light and shove it in my face. It was hard not to laugh at first, but it became apparent they were not kidding! Their main concern was the fact that it had a lock blade. I explained that was for safety so it could not fold and cut me when I used it as a tool only. They put my knife in an envelope and added it to checked baggage on the flight to England. They also told me to buy a Swiss Army knife if I wanted to carry a tool on an airplane.

The envelope showed up at my hotel about 4 days after I was in England. It went in my checked baggage on the flight back to America :slight_smile:

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@Robert5 Where do you live? Sounds like a lot of gang violence there. I’m in central Florida where there’s not much of that, at least not that I’m aware of. Sounds pretty scary to me!

@Gary_H_aka_Gary12 I carry a Griptilian in addition to my Spyderco Para 3, and find it very useful. It is very sharp, and I love that Benchmade will sharpen it for free when it gets dull. Good choice of EDC knife, I think. As for your trip to Europe, I’d say you dodged a bullet that time. I’m surprised they sent your knife back to you. But what an awful welcome in Brussels to be interrogated like that for carrying a pocket knife. Belgium has been a hotbed for terrorism, so I suppose they’re especially careful there. But sometimes I think we’re taking the safety thing to extremes when our possessions are confiscated with no recourse available to us. I recently traveled to Richmond, VA from Orlando and had a can of mousse for my hair confiscated because it was a liquid more than 3.4 ounces. Ridiculous, I think. But I didn’t argue with the TSA officer. I was just resigned to losing the mousse and replacing it when I got to Richmond. I think we’ve lost some of the common sense when it comes to search and seizure, which is a measure of how scared we are, I suppose.

@Dawn I think it’s a great idea to practice opening your knife with one hand. It familiarizes you with your knife and hones your skill of one-handed opening. It’s just very handy, in my opinion, as well as possibly helping to save your skin in a bad situation. Your sons are smart, too. I use my knives to help me break apart boxes nearly every day (I order a lot of mail order, especially from Amazon!), and find it so nice to press a button to open the knife. No muss, no fuss. With these sharp knives, it pays to be careful, though! Practice helps with the carefulness!

@Zee what’s a chiappa rhino? Now you’ve got me all curious and thinking I may be missing out on something!!! lol

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I’m sure of it… about 2 years after 9-11 I was traveling and they took tweezers off an 80 year old lady in a wheelchair who was in line in front of me. :scream:

Like what was she going to do? Jump up out of her wheelchair, grab a steward by the collar and shout “release it terrorists from gitmo or the unibrow gets it!”??

Lots of energy being put into looking tough-on-terror that is all smoke. There are more useful places to put that time and money, but they want to be seen doing something. And they’re choosing look busy over be effective. :angry:

Chiappa Rhino is a wheel gun. The barrel is lined up on the bottom cylinder instead of the top to redirect the recoil closer to the arm bones, rather than having a revolver’s normal high moment arm for recoil force. It gives it more ‘push’ and less ‘snap’. The grip is more along the lines of a semiauto as well, and the cylinder is squared off to reduce the profile width.
Want.One. Want.One.BAD.
Got to handle one at a show recently and my hand said “JUST BUY THIS NOW!” :heart_eyes:

Got a short barrel model in 9mm on order but no idea when it’ll come in.



It isn’t so much as where I live, though the crime rate is slightly above the national average, it was being a Chaplain both in a community through a church and on staff at a hospital.

Once you show up to visit a sick parent the staff will often point you to other patients. Plus being on call at the hospital I would often have to leave home at 1 or 2 am. Accidents, drug overdose or physical altercations might be the most common ER situations where they call for a Chaplain for the patient or family.

However Chaplains also get called to visit family members in jail and once a relationship has been made you are likely to know more individuals that might get injured with a knife or gun or just beat up. Still it was less stressful than Hospice work.

However I am retired now and not on call. I only visit by personal requests.

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@Zee I can’t believe they took tweezers off an old lady. That’s just crazy. We’re so deep into these nonsensical searches and seizures, I’m sure we’ll never get out of it, return to a semblance of normalcy and sanity. It just isn’t in the cards anymore. I’m glad some of the TSA officers are showing some understanding now. At least they’ll let some people mail their treasures back to themselves. I suppose if they start cutting any more slack, though, the real terrorists will just take advantage of it. So we’re pretty much stuck with mailers or losing our possessions…

That Rhino is a neat looking weapon. I’ve never seen or heard of one of those. I can see why you want one so badly. I think the White Rhino is terrific! Thanks for including pictures and a description of the Rhino. You’re the best!

@Robert5 It seems being a Chaplain was a difficult and sometimes dangerous job to have. You must have a big heart to do that. And to do hospice work, too! You really gave a lot of yourself. I can’t imagine the amount of stress you endured doing either kind of work. Congrats on your retirement. I hope life is better now, or at least less stressful.

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Currently I carry a Kershaw cryo.


ya’know… y’all are turning me into KnifeGirl :smiley:
I really had NO idea about knives before this. Now, I’m getting an education.
And, it looks like, a new expensive hobby :joy:

… I spend about an hour last night just opening and closing my TSEC one handed last night…
right hand.
left hand.
I admit it.