What would you do: Wide Open Spaces

As summer quickly approaches, open fields and festivals with wide open spaces around them are coming into the season. How do you protect yourself when there’s no place to hide for 50 yards around you?

What do you think of Kevin’s suggestion for defending yourself here?

Well my PC Shield 9 I have trained for at 25 yards but not 50.

So it would depend on the situation alone/with just family vs bad guy at 50 yards and depending on what the bad guy has for a weapon (knife vs handgun vs rifle) then yes close the distance until I get to where I can stop the threat as family is retreating to cover/concealment.

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Crush the distance for sure. It is a ton easier to shoot moving forward. This also brings up the discussion about how far to you train. How far can you accurately shoot YOUR weapon? A drill to try this is to start walking backwards while shooting a standard FBI silhouette target until the mag is empty. Then, reload, and walk forward while shooting. You will cover more distance, with more accurate hits moving forward.

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