What Would You Do? Things to consider


My answers to what would you do usually involve a lot of additional questions for consideration. No two situations are the same so there is no one size fits all answer.

Here’s another resource for you’re contemplating what you would do:

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Wow! There’s a lot going on there. My first thought in reading through it is that there would appear to be no chance of getting a clear, safe shot off since the possible attacker is holding the woman. If there was good separation and cover, I would try try yelling at the man so he would know there was a witness. Of course, calling 911 would be the first priority in order to get law enforcement en route. As with any attack situation, the speed at which it happens can take a lot of options off the table. Being a good witness by intentionally making note of the details of the vehicle, the man, the license plate, etc. may be the best thing that can be done.

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First and foremost, even a police officer handling this situation will make mistakes. You can only hope those mistakes don’t lead to any innocent person or yourself getting hurt or killed.

I would drop the groceries, call 911 on my cell, put it in my outer shirt front pocket, mic and speaker up while I gave dispatch the location and what was happening. I’d either have my hand on my weapon or have it drawn hoping the shadows prevented me from getting a brandishing charge. Using the many engine blocks available, I’d take cover and move closer from engine block to engine block, to see what was happening, giving the description of the man, the van, license plate too if I could see it, to dispatch. I also give my description and tell them to let the responding officers know not to shoot me.

I’d also be scanning the rest of the parking lot for a second suspect as well as scanning the van. More than likely, there is an accomplice behind the wheel, ready to drive off. I think I’d yell that the police were on the way from cover, hoping that suspect 1 would let go of the female and run into the van to try and get away. This isn’t the movies, so I’m not going to make an incredible shot through the suspect’s head while the female remains safe, nor am I going to jump out into the lane and take a ton of shots at the van as it peels off. If she was abducted, I’d watch the direction of travel the van took and try to watch it until I lost site of it, updating dispatch on the direction of travel. And for the record (and in my best “dad joke” format), A) my flashlight would never be in the truck, it’s in my pocket, 2) I’d never carry one bag of groceries with two hands. While not perfect, I try to have my dominant hand free whenever I am carrying concealed. C) I don’t eat ice cream, so no need to worry my actions would result in a gooey, melted mess.

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Number 1, I don’t need both hands to carry 1 bag of groceries. I always carry stuff in my left hand, as my ccw gun is on my right side and I am right handed. I would set the bag down, use my left hand to call 911, while I position my hand on my pistol. Not drawn, but a good grip, if I need to draw it. That when I would yell, “Hey, are you folks alright!” All while keeping some cars between us if I need cover, but, getting close enough to make an accurate shot, if it came to that. Keeping in mind, that, if I didn’t move fast enough, I wouldn’t be prosecuted for not shooting someone, but, would most definitely be prosecuted for shooting an innocent person, or using what was deemed excessive force.

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Where do you carry your phone, @45IPAC? I had to train myself to carry my phone in my left back pocket instead of my right. It’s always fun to relearn things that are so engrained in you.

One nice thing about people carrying phones in their back pockets these days is that the motion of reaching for your gun carried at 4-5 o’clock may be misconstrued as reaching for a phone. However, the opposite would happen as well…


In jeans, usually of the carpenter jean variety, in the pocket in my right leg. In cargo shorts, the “Tech Pocket” on my right side. I carry spare mags on my leg side, so I don’t usually carry anything else on my left. If I need to call 911, the “Hey Siri” function can pick up my voice from those pockets, so I don’t need a hand for making that call.