Theft from your business: should you shoot?

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What would you do?

  • Break out your cellphone and call 911.
  • Draw your gun, aim at the thief, give a verbal warning and be prepared to fire.
  • Keep your gun in the holster and tell the thief you just want your tip money back.
  • Grab a nearby trash can lid to use as a shield and prepare for a fight.
  • Other? Leave your response below

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#1 if you are not skimming your tip jar as the day and night goes on you are “not thinking” (stupid was the other choice word)

If I am going to run this guy down and he goes down and comes up with a pipe I’m going to make it very clear that the police are on the way and I have NO intention of letting him hurt me as I continue to advance on his position. Money be dogged at this point, he has the chance to run or attack, the option is his and the response will be as dictated by his actions.



Deadly force is usually restricted to the defense of self or others. The gun stays in the holster and let the police handle it.


Gun stays holstered, and I’m grabbing the trash can lid. He has presented what could be a weapon. IF he rushes, I’d want to be prepared to defend long enough to get out of the alley. As I backed away, I’d be calling 911. It’s not worth a jar full of change and small bills to shoot someone. Even if it is ruled justified, I wouldn’t want the mental fallout of shooting a person over money.

I nay have lost my tips. However, his weapon of distraction was a cup of coke. He grabbed the jar and ran. Call 911 and give police a good report. Als8, maybe the shop has security cameras to help with the investigation. Once you start chasing, you become the aggressor.