That’s Why I Carry (on Monday Afternoon)

So, I headed into my local convenience store this afternoon around 4PM. As usual, I was carrying, although my family gives me grief about it because our town is in the suburbs and “so safe”. When I am checking out, a guy walks in. He is a tall guy, really unkempt, and a bit “sketchy” IMHO. A few seconds later, a woman walks in, shouting expletives, demanding that he gives her the car keys. She continued to make a scene, threaten him, and tried to grab at him a few times. He deflected her, but was not aggressive towards her. Both of them did not not look right. Probably meth (but I’m no expert). She ended up walking away into the store. He stood by the counter, but my gut feeling was that he was up to no good.
At that point, I completed my transaction and left. I thought about hanging around , but figured it was a bad idea, since I had no indication that there was any immediate threat to anyones life, and I am not LE. Also, the store was very crowded.
Had I been out late night, I may have expected this type of scenario. Just took me a bit by surprise on Monday afternoon. But it definitely got my “situational awareness “ wheels turning…
Any thoughts?


The first things, being alert and a good witness of the happenings is what it’s about.


“Chance favors the prepared mind.”
Good call on being aware of your surroundings. Becoming a victim has no scheduled time of the day, night, weekday, or weekend. You never know if or when a ne’er-do-well is going to pick you as a potential victim. Stay armed, stay aware, and stay focused. The one time you don’t may be the one time you and/or your family (hopefully) live to regret.


Whether at a convenience store or someone’s house (or anywhere), interjecting yourself into an evolving domestic disturbance seldom ends well.


You can end up in dicey situations in any neighborhood. Could be drugs, mental health, domestic situations, or just plain no-goods.


Kept an eye on them, took care of your business and got out unscathed. Perfect!


That part sure sounds familiar!


I live in a great neighborhood. Whether I am walking my dog, going to a convenience store or going for gas I am always carrying. Anything can happen anywhere and any place. Great job getting out of that place as fast as you could and maybe watch from a distance as a good witness.


Keep them greased, you’re living in Brandon’s fentanyl/meth fueled world. Crap can happen anytime, anywhere in a split second. This is the norm, day or night, Monday or Saturday!
Never deny your gut feelings, not in today’s world! Eyes up, hands free!
I live, in what I consider a peaceful neighborhood, I still carry to retrieve the mail!
Wasn’t in your lane, things start getting loud, I’m gone, transaction or no transaction, I’m taking my card, or leaving the cash! That fine establishment can call the authorities at any time they like!
It only concerns me if it’s directed at me! I’m not a savior and I’m not law enforcement. Boyfriend, girlfriend or dumb struck clerk, their problem!


Just ask any street cop. Domestic disturbances are the most volatile, unpredictable calls they make. And, for what it’s worth, they often spill over into public places like the workplace, church, and, yes, convenient stores.


I had a situation kinda like that happen at Walmart today but it happened in the parking lot and the guy jumps out of the car and calls his girl a really bad name and punches her right in the mouth it was only two cars away from me so I stayed and made sure she would be ok after he left until the police got there.


Thanks for sharing. Glad you are OK, and no one hurt.

Monday Morning Quarterback here, but instead of pausing or even buying, just leave. Your family needs you. Nothing more noble than being there for your family. There’s another store a few blocks away.

Like the other’s story, what if the couple struck one of the other? Walk out of view, call 911?



Staying calm and alert is important. Not every situation escalates into trouble, and not every problem is your business. “I am not an LE” - golden statement.

Whose store? Manager’s store. Up to the manager to decide what to do.


I don’t know, It would be very hard for me to stand back and watch a guy beat up a woman. I think I’d have to walk over there and intervene.


You would be the 1st person ever to get a shiv from a female junkie (you can use the word woman, I guess) while nobly trying to restrain her drug partner from beating her.


Probably not the first. :wink:


Mike 164, I hear you, and feel the same way. However, I also think that as a “non-LE” private citizen, I would think that the legally correct answer would be to call 911 and not intervene unless I felt that the woman’s (or man’s) life was in danger. I know that that may be easier said than done.
In this case, it was my perception that the woman was much more the agitator, and escalating things, but of course, the situation could have changed pretty quick, since he was much larger than her.


Yeah, ask any cop who has been on patrol any length of time what happens when they start to put the cuffs on the husband that the wife has been demanding for the last half hour that they arrest him. Most of them would rather go up against a bad guy holed up some place than answer a domestic disturbance call late Friday, Saturday or Sunday night when at least one partner is liquored up if not both.

Personally, I think that you chose the best course of action. Nothing illegal happened. It is not illegal to call people names. It is not illegal to have a verbal argument in public. It might fall into a disturbing of the peace kind of situation but that is a misdemeanor, not a felony that i know of.

I have some kind of self-defense weapon on me even when I take the garbage out. This is a “good” neighborhood with a couple of cops living on the block. But they are off duty and tucked away in their homes if they are around. They would dial 911 and wait for the on-duty guys to show up fi anything went down. And they are not cops in this jurisdiction but in other towns, so even less inclined to poke their nose into what is the local guys’ job.


Prudence and good common sense dictates that you should avoid third party intervention. Your decision was good. Be a good witness should that be required later. B SAFE, BOB ¥


@Johnnyq60 >> if the Police are called for that kind of a situation would they both get pinched if the
Constable didn’t witness the situation ( of course on top of what would you do ) :question:
PS: F.Y.I. Quicker to call but longer for the fuzz to get there ( no offense Mr. Johnny )