What would be your Ultimate Training Experience?


There are so many great training opportunities out there. From Gunsite Academy to Sig Academy to the United States Military.

If money was no object, what training experience would you do?

If you’ve seen my other posts, you can guess my preference. Not everyone will like the same firearm or training. Just because I like one brand doesn’t mean it’s better or worse than another brand. :slight_smile:


With whichever group Keanu Reeves went to to prepare for the John Wick movies.

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I’ll go with you, @45IPAC! Check out this video from Keanu Reeves training for John Wick 2:

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Thunder Ranch or training with Pat McNamara.as well as the Taran Tactical training would be sweet too.


I’m hoping to pull this off for my 40th but the TRIFECTA from Tactical Reponse 6 days of training
You get Fighting pistol, a medical class and a force on force class

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Thunder Ranch and or Vickers Tactical.


I had seen that video before. Made watching the John Wick movies even better, knowing that the hero’s gun usage was at least somewhat truthful.

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