What kind of training class do you want to take?


So if you were free to take any class from a local instructor tomorrow, what would it be? I would want to take a night shoot/ low light course.

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I would like to get a more of a “real world” course with more of a life happening scenario. I mean being out at gun ranges shooting at paper targets get you trained to hit targets while moving, but more of the situation of duck & cover under fire being in a shoot out…using blanks or laser target equipment of course so no one would get hurt.


Force on force would he a blast.
A little painful but it’d be worth it.


I would like a live scenario church shooter like the Into the Fray videos. Second choice, I would want a night shoot/low light using simmuntions and an actual house/small building lay out.


@Sheepdog556 and @Damon force on force is fun, it doesn’t hurt terribly depending on the hit (I got shot in the tip of the finger, that sucked), and I would love to do it again too.


I’m gonna try for next year taking a few training classes.

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pretty much anything home defense or CC related - I need more training in everything. always need more training :wink:

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