Draw don’t draw / shoot don’t shoot training

Seems like this topic has come up in several forms on several different threads lately. Probably the best training would be force on force with lasers or simunitions but price and availability would likely be a challenge for most. So I thought I would break this into its own topic to discuss other options.

I’ve done a little bit of this in the past with my martial arts instructor getting the feel of how much time I need to draw or if I just need to focus on using my hands to deal with the threat or to create the time and space to get my pistol out. But today we decided to up the realism.

I would start with my back to the instructor with loud music blaring so I couldn’t hear his movements. He would say THREAT and I would turn to see what is going on. Some of the things I turned to see was him charging at me with knife, standing behind me with a gun or knife to my head, charging at me with clenched fists, reaching into his pocket to draw a gun, doing the same but pulling out a phone, bumping into me while texting on his cell phone and many more. In a couple of scenarios I turned to see him pointing a gun away from me. Once he immediately turned and fired at me another time he started yelling and motioning for people to get out of the way indicating he was responding to another threat. He also tried giving other visual body language cues for me to pick up on to determine his threat status before he reached for a weapon or phone.

It is significantly more challenging when you don’t know if an attack is coming or not. I really had to remember to not react until I had clearly identified that he was a threat but instantly react once I did. There was a lot of movement and needing to draw on the run as well as zero time to draw and having to use hands, elbows, feet and knees.

My coach’s time is not cheap but this is much cheaper than a force on force class. With a few other people and some SIRT pistols (or airsoft if you have the safety gear) you could really up the realism and variety of scenarios not knowing who is the threat and how many threats there are. I would highly recommend doing this with a qualified instructor or even with just some friends.


Safety first. I only did this once . It gets my heart pumping thinking about it.

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Sounds like a good instructor.


My range has a simulator room. Game software runs from stationary shooting to attack of the zombies. There is also training software for shoot/no shoot simulation. The video (projected on a 14’ x 10’ screen) combined with very loud noises and flashing lights gets your blood pumping. I have run it a couple of times and you quickly forget it’s just a game. Two of the local PD’s use this for their shoot/no shoot training. In addition to the video, they put a couple of officers in with the student to increase the stress level by shouting at them and firing their laser pistols when they shouldn’t.


Good topic… even we discussed it in previous years - this is something that need to be discussed all the time.

There is a very easy “entry level” for “draw / shoot or don’t” scenarios.
I’m using indoor range to practice this. You just need two people for this - shooter and someone who will operate the target moving it back or forward.
The deal is to shot if the target is advancing you or do not shoot if target stops at the long enough distance or is moving back.

Another method - shooting simulator. It’s not a cheap stuff to have it at home, but 2 hrs of such class doesn’t cost more than $50… which is less than range time fee + ammo (and still in the shooting booth and line).
I’m trying to attend “simulation classes” every month or every other month, depending on the availability.
This is something that completely change your mind once put in the situation you cannot predict. All your skills and proficiency that work perfectly at the range… fall apart during unexpected situation. :grimacing:
I’d say - it is a must for everyone who really thinks about self defense and consequences.

The last method, mentioned by @Shamrock - force-on-force. I attended “simple version” with airsoft pistols. Does it work as expected? Hell yes. I’ve been shot so many times in cases that I would never say I might be shot… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: It is eye opening experience.

There is one thing I learned after all those classes / training sessions and I’m guessing everyone will find this as well - you don’t want to be in any gunfight, so situational awareness and avoidance are the most important factors in surviving. :call_me_hand:


We do the same drills. I had a weird situation of a Public Trans Train. Happened while I was seated. So we moved 6 chairs into the area, lined them up against the wall and did drills, from in front of, Behind and seated next to (Window and Aisle). It’s good stuff folks, if you can swing it I STRONGLY suggest you give it a try.


Why do you think there was so much bush whacking going on back in the olden days. Now a days we call it tactical advantage or wait for your turn. I already know I don’t want to be in one.