My wife's place of business (Mimic)

Working Dry Fire today with Sirt Pistol and Holster.
Have room setup as if she was at her place of business and threat entered. Trying to run different
scenarios with positions of customers and workers, also different positions of threat or maybe two threatening people, (robbers with a firearm).
Evaluate different scenarios of just giving up money and let them go on their way, not worth drawing her firearm for some pieces of paper. Not worth putting customers or workers at risk.
Threat fires their firearm at customer or worker and decision is made at this point she must draw her EDC, aquire threat target safely, loud vocal announcement to make threat break their train of thought for that split second of firing on threat who is brandishing firearm.
As I said, unknown multiple scenarios when it comes to work places, shopping or just out walking your pet.
This is going to be a once a month training session at least.


Kinda like sparring in MA. Real life situations that bring randomness (is that a word?) into training makes us all a little bit better.


Something that I use for my training is “creative visualization”. This is just sitting still sometimes with my eyes closed & mentally going thru the steps required to perform for any given defensive action. You can use a local store that you frequent that you are well aware of the layout, cover, concealment, exits etc. Each time I visit my local grocery store or Walmart I re-familiarize myself with all of the above while I am shopping. I have even taken a quick pic of the entrance/exits & the parking lot to review for blind spots. It sounds like overboard but it’s not time consuming and I believe that it better prepares me, mentally, for a situation that may occur. I was taught this technique while on a regional boxing team while in the Navy many moons ago & it can be a very useful tool for being mentally prepared.