What We All Knew, but Didn't Say


The broken windows theory, defined in 1982 by social scientists James Wilson and George Kelling, drawing on earlier research by Stanford University psychologist Philip Zimbardo, argues that no matter how rich or poor a neighborhood, one broken window would soon lead to many more windows being broken: “One unrepaired broken window is a signal that no one cares, and so breaking more windows costs nothing.” Disorder increases levels of fear among citizens, which leads them to withdraw from the community and decrease participation in informal social control.


Criminals with guns will always test the limits of lawlessness and disorder. Defunding police, quite obviously, only encourages testing those limits.

Total! No! Brainer!


wtf did they think was gonna happen? Defund your Police and then think that criminals are gonna stop being criminals? Get a clue numb nutz city councils pushing these policies that removing the deterrence only emboldens the criminals. How many innocents need to be wounded or killed, how many Innocents need to be robbed, how many innocents need to be beaten and raped before you wake up to the fact that your failed policies are harming the very people who supported you. Have saw numerous polls where over 75% of respondents disagree with these policies. These council members who have probably never been a victim of violent crime are hurting the less fortunate because when they cut patrols where do you think they will be cutting them from? The inner-cities and crime ridden areas. Thank god I live in the great state of Nebraska who have so far not bent over and took it in the behind by these liberal nut jobs. It makes me sick too think of all the people living in fear because of these failing progressive experiments.
As I step down off my soapbox …

  1. Create a problem
  2. Amplify the problem and blame something (a freedom) they want to eliminate
  3. Offer a solution that eliminates the freedom
  4. Pass the solution that gives them more power, but doesn’t correct the problem.

& always point the accusing finger at someone else. Look there, not at me, never forget when everything is coming down around your ears point to some trivial thing & take care of that. Always avoid any real issues.


Let’s just boil this down to two words, ARSONIST FIREFIGHTER.
I’m no firefighter, but if we focus on the arsonist and not all the fires maybe we can stop the next disaster. We seem to be out of options!
Forget the victimology, let’s get straight to the profile!


Just had this discussion with my son. To a large degree, we are to blame. If we don’t fire, i.e… vote them out of office, the representatives that are not following the public’s directives, then to a large degree it’s on us.



We can vote till we are blue in the face, the fix is in. We will never recuperate, our voices of reason have been silenced and placed in solitary. The house always wins! Unless we start card counting, we will never win again. Somebody cut the cord to the pendulum, it’s never swinging back. In my bubblehead world that’s called a reactor S.C.R.A.M
Sam Cut Rope And Move, game over! This is what we all KNOW.

It’s a shame these are the discussions we are having with our children, I prefer the old days when we discussed how to bait your hook, dress a deer, add two plus two, roll the perfect doobie LOL. Now we’re discussing which color bulletproof backpack they want, or if they are a boy or a girl, yeah! We’ve come a long way. George Orwell is thinking, damn these guys are good, I couldn’t write this stuff, not this good!

So yes, in some way I blame President Trump. From day one he knew the truth, we could sleep at night. Trust me, by the holidays, if they are not CANCELED, you’ll need to sleep with both eyes open. 2021 is just the start, 2022 could be the end. Too many don’t believe in our love of country. What we all know but DON’T say, is what got us here!


My brother and I are on opposite ends of the confidence bar. He believes that these various states will do the right thing, correct the election farce, and bring trust in the government back. I think that there are far too many people either on the take and fear getting caught to make any move to correct the election farce, or there are too many people being extorted or threatened to allow any corrections.

The other issue in which we differ; he believes that the covid non-vaccine he took will not harm him. He doesn’t blame me for not taking it, though. I believe the results are not in yet, and one of us may regret the decision one of us made.

I don’t think the slope we are on is simply slippery. I think it is being greased daily.


Every man has a path to follow, as for me God, country & family. Obviously not for everyone, how will it end? Only God knows however we’ll all play a part. Take care of what’s important to you.


Sounds like every man for himself! What ever happens going forward is out of our hands! Many powerful forces are working against us.


Agreed, as always Si Vis PACEM, para bellum.

Just part of the madness. :angry:

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Did anyone notice the funding for the Capito Police was increased by $2 Billion. I believe the administration is trying to make crime and violence so bad there will be an outcry to put highly restrictive measures in place. Meanwhile they are protecting themselves.


Why is it always the Democrats faults. Aren’t we in the process of fixing the last four years under the Republican President…

Yep, best economy since Reagan. Respected on the world stage again. Organized troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.Terrorists leaving Americans alone. The police respected. Law and order through-out the land… Freedom coming back… Who is stupid enough to want all that? THAT was fixing the problem. NOT what is forced upon us now.

Some people a just choosing to be blind and uneducated. Oh, and by the way, it usually is the democrats fault (with a few RINOs mixed in).


Not hardly!! All the mess is from the left and J. Biden.


If memory serves, the Democrats only controlled the House in 2020. The Republicans held the Senate and the Presidency. Democrats were no more responsible for an increase in murders in 2020 than I was.