What was the worst range you have been to?

Share your story! This one fits in that category well!


The worst range I have been to is any of the ranges that do not allow “rapid fire”.


The worst I’ve been to had dim lighting, poor ventilation, only allows shooting at the bottom half of a standard silhouette target, and requires purchasing 223 or 556 ammo from them at time of entering the range. Bring your own pistol ammo, but no rifle exceeding 223/556 allowed, and cannot use 223/556 ammo bought from them left over from last range session. :-1:

To top all that off, targets were moved fore and aft on an overhead cable system that you flipped a toggle switch up or down to move it. When you moved your target it took off like it was trying to outrun the bullets! There were no distance indicators marked on the floor nor walls to get an idea of how far out your target was.


Remember the range where the guy died a while ago? That’s the worst I’ve been to around here. It’s a single table all the way accross the room, no baffles, no barricades. Then they put WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE in there. I fired one 7 round mag at my target and hit it 11 times…


The worst thing I have seen at a range is people leaving their trash. If you are going to shoot at old tvs or bottles or kitchen appliances, throw your trash away. Please.


That is the magic of Salt Lake City. :grinning:


So far I haven’t found the “worst” range. I’ve been at few that haven’t match my expectations… but I’m flexible and always can adjust myself and my shooting to stupid rules or bad air conditions. I treat it as adjusting to unexpected circumstances that can be found in reality. :slightly_smiling_face:

Because shooting ranges suppose to be a training facilities for shooters… it is really hard to understand why “rapid fire” and “holster draw” are not permitted at some of them… :person_facepalming:

I’m in the good position, being a Firearm Instructor and very frequent visitor I’m usually permitted to do things that others cannot do. All depends on how many other shooters are at the Range the same time…


As much as I like having the range to myself, ^^^^^this is how I approach it when the range is crowded. Random noise, flying brass, people coming and going…it just gives me experience in focus and ignoring distractions.

This bothers me, too. How/where else is a person supposed to learn?


I practice holster draw at home with my EDC + laser cartridge. All is the same, recoil no needed for this.
When I’m at the Range I skip first step, starting the procedure from the position when firearm is “removed” from holster, still at my side, muzzle pointing 45 degrees down-front. This way I do almost the same what I’m practicing at home but with live ammo and recoil.

Luckily I can practice full holster draw once per week being a Ranger Club Member.



Or drawing from a holster or multiple guns on the table or have some incompetent RO that is focused on me instead of the three idiots sharing a rental gun and one port, or actually any indoor range I’ve been to…

Then there was the one that insisted all guns “Had to be unloaded” before entering the actual range area and they used to make people unload their guns by the counter. To prove their idiocy there were multiple bullet holes on the floor in front of the counter right by the posted sign. Yeah, that one won the prize!!!


I must have a great local range. They’re a USCCA range, small, family owned business. I’ve done all kinds of drills there and never gotten a peep of concern. I’ve taken classes with the owner and the staff are fantastic. I’ve bought 4 handguns there in the last 3 years, and my brother bought his turkey gun there.

When the range is crowded I don’t do holster drills just so I don’t distract the RO from people who might be unsafe, but when it’s not busy I do whatever I like. Once I had a squib lodge between the cylinder and forcing cone on my revolver and the gunsmith pushed it out for me just like that, and I kept shooting. It’s the only indoor range I use. I’m used to outdoor rifle and shotgun shooting, so indoor handgun shooting is still kinda new to me.


My range is the only game in town, and they act like it. No holster draw, no buckshot or birdshot, no steel cases, no hollow points. And it’s only 71FEET long. I had to cal USCCA three times to get them added to the list just so I can check in for the online badges when I go. The rso’s are mostly cool, but the “chief” not only made sure everyone knew he was, but also made me tape an empty ammo box over the target control display “because my left hand ejection port on my ar would crack the screen”.


Right? One of the ranges I use most will absolutely not all you to draw from the holster, and then shoot.

But they have classes about concealed carry and claim to be about self defense.

Sense. It makes none.

(I even took classes with them, in which drawing from the holster was required, still can’t draw and fire on the range…like bruh)

Fortunately the other two near me, you can. And all allow “rapid fire”


That’s a puzzler


I don’t know about his place but I used to go to a range in Florida that was pretty high tech and had video screens you could shoot into with real ammo, but hollow points would tear the fabric they projected images on so they did not allow them in the video ranges.


And they were live streaming each other and everyone else there to get likes on social media.

Another reason I choose the BLM, cold outside or not.


That at least makes some sense. There doesn’t seem to be any reason why mine won’t allow them. Just cardboard hangin from a simple transport.


Now that I think about it I seem to remember that some ranges glue heavy rubber mats to the steel plates on the traps to mitigate sound a little and extend the life of the metal, and round nose ammo (lead or FMJ) bounces off and down into the trap but HPs cut into the rubber and tear it up. Can’t recall who told me that but it was a range operator a long time ago.


WOW Brother, You are AWESOME! Was youz usin’ a ‘Clip-a-zeen’ ?
I hears de fires (60) rounds at a time! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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John Woo magazine.