What type of threat levels are most important!

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Wanted to throw out a topic that I think is rarely used in the civilian world.
Do yall have a standardized set of threat levels to which you carry different gear for each level of threats?

Example :
Level 1: Basic CC (Concealed Carry) firearm, nothing fancy, limited alternative gear or protection.
Level 2: CC Firearm, extra mag(s), tourniquet, quikclot,
Level 3: Larger firearm, extra mags, several tourniquets, quikclots, IFAK, Rifle w/ extra mags, plate carrier.

**These are not my personal threat levels, just trying to give examples. Hope to see yalls opinions!!


Short version: Yes.

Slightly longer version:

  1. I have a walking around EDC.
  2. I have a car based EDC.
  3. I have a Home Defense EDC.

Each involves more weapons and a bigger first aid kit than the one before it.


Unfortunately the way things are right now. I have not been threat level 1 in about 6 months. frustrating yes, but safety vs convenience? I will choose safety and preparedness every time!


I would be Level 1, Basic CC my M&P 9mm Shield 2.0, an extra 2 magazines, my USCCA Kershaw knife, a small flashlight and a tactical pen. I am looking to order the USCCA pen with the emblem.


Well done and listed. I have trained for light duty and to train for several areas with medical first aid and etc. Something you have update and train repeatedly,with having 50 pounds of gear. Plus firearm and gear. Hope all of us do not have use it. Thank you!


If I’m not going to War, I stick to this:

Level 1: Basic CC

  • (Concealed Carry) firearm, nothing fancy - 15 rounds
  • limited alternative gear or protection - OC spray, knife and baseball bat in my car

I carry the same gear every day. If I think I might need more, I stay home or dont do the “high risk” activity.


I would have to say I am a level 2+, I have a trauma kit / first-aid kit, 4 mags, flashlight, 2 knives,


Interesting question. Guess I’m somewhere between 2 & 3.
I have 2 EDC pistols (which includes wearing one inside and outside my vehicle. I have 2 dedicated home weapons; .357 magnum in the bedside stand plus a shotgun very nearby.
Having been an Army medic I have always maintained an extensive first aid kit, which also includes many types of sutures.


I’ll admit I have upped my game a bit in the past few months. My employer doesn’t have an issue with us carrying in the shop or the company vehicles, so I do. I’ve taken to toting a backpack into work to carry a spare shirt (it’s hot) water and a light lunch (the cost of fast food was killing me) as well as my bang stick a couple mags and my Blow out kit (IFAK) I’ve started keeping my AR pistol in the truck on a regular basis as I got caught flat footed in the middle of a protest in VA Beach of a couple hundred college kids. Been thinking about acquiring a couple flash bangs, smoke and firecrackers/roman candles and the like for E&E distractions.




Level 1. Working from home, I hardly travel more than 25 miles one way.
Looting happened just outside 25 miles and I have no intention to go there anytime soon.


I’m somewhere between 2-3. One thing I try to do is consider where I’m carrying. If I have to get shopping done I’ll carry a lower velocity round in a heavily populated area to limit the possibility of an entry / exit then innocent bystander catching a hit.
I vary between 15-17 rounds between 2 separate mags. I do carry a backup mag to round out the totals given.
I keep a knife on me always, I smoke daily so I carry a zippo, have a fairly decent 1st aid kit in my vehicle along with a flashlight that has window breaker pins affixed to its bottom. I keep a tourniquet available in that kit.
With everything going on I carry concealed even though we have the OC option here.
My readiness doesn’t stop with just supplies on hand.
I avoid being to close behind anyone at a traffic stopping point, I avoid areas with congestion in places of businesses, I avoid stopping for anything that looks political or pandering to the public, I avoid parking in unlit spots at night, I avoid going out if my local media is reporting a potentially bad / expected risk assessment in my area, I avoid going out with my children with the pandemic and the uneasy issues we face with inner city violences.
We live in a small military community and it’s been the exact opposite of what some of the major inner cities have reported. But still…, as I learned serving overseas…, it only takes a second to pop off. Stay Alert / Stay Alive use common sense. Just self reminders I live with.


Well, you described readiness conditions, not threat conditions. But…yes…we use them. We are retired military. The military runs on a continuum of threatcons and forcecons (readiness conditions) that dictate pre-planned equipment usage, force postures, and rules of engagement.


I’m a simple guy and this is all too complicated for me.
I have one pistol and a second pistol in case I can’t carry the first for some reason.
Any change in equipment is going to be predicated more on climate/clothing than a perceived threat level.

Threat levels change all the time, so I’ll prepare for the worse and pray for the best.

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I like to think I’m ready to dress up, or down, as circumstance requires. Anything from beach attire to black tie formal.

Do I feel like I need a 300 blk SBR and all the kit to go with it in my truck? I honestly don’t, mostly because I go grocery shopping and to home depot, not on patrol. I’m not looking for a fight and I try to maintain an awareness of, and avoid, the hot spots. I wouldn’t be comfortable leaving a ‘truck gun’ in my vehicle if I had one with me. Do I stick with self defense rounds known to pass the barrier tests and a spare mag or two? You bet ya. Am I pretty much always equipped to stop a bleed, cut a rope, or change a flat in the dark? Sure.

This said, I reserve the right to change my opinion on the maximum level of readiness required as circumstances dictates.


Carry gun, pocket knive, full tang knife since watching video of woman in choke hold, car weapon with extra mag holstered on console with a pug clip & pepper spray just because. 1st aid bag with mora knive that goes between car & home.

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