Unconventional tool to add to your security

Hello all Rev Prince here with some food for thought to add to your home and self defense arsenal. I am a strong supporter of our second amendment rights a avid hunter and collector of firearms. With all the talk as of late of high capacity magazines bans and restrictions of ownership on AR style weapons. I decided to add a new item to my family’s line of home defense.
After some research I decided to go with an effective nonlethal line of defense. Although most people wouldn’t consider a co2 powered paintball gun a line of defense at all however humor me while I indulge you. With the .68 cal paintball markers on the market today a good quality one firing rubber jawbreaker rounds at the same range of a home defense shotgun will break a man’s ribs crack leg bones not to mention a head shot is a potentially lethal shot. They are also able to fire pepper balls. I’m not saying go buy some cheap pistol marker and your doing good. However the mid priced comp rifles will amaze you with the power they propel a solid rubber ball.

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Welcome Rev (Reverend?) Prince! While paint ball markers are fun and quite painful on occasion I would rather not face my attacker again in a court of law EVER let alone for a malicious wounding charge even if the intent was honorable. JMHO.




Maybe if I could get some OC (pepper spray) paint balls I might consider if I get caught up in an Antifa demonstration.

We should all have tools that cover the gaps between a “harsh word” and “deadly force” in our EDC but for me that’s a tactical pen and a pocket knife (I have OC spray in a couple of my bags but not EDC).

But for me if I feel threatened at my home, that calls for deadly force in my hands in order to stop the threat with confidence vs taking a chance that some hyped up intruder on drugs can take a couple paintball hits and continue his attack (we’ve seen attacks continued enough times when an actual gun in used anyway).

But I like the out of the box thinking. Might be something I consider for carrying in my truck (I don’t carry a truck rifle).

Welcome to the community Rev.

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I should have clarified myself a bit more. I’m prepared to use fire power if need be as a last resort. I am merely offering up non lethal option. I know myself I wouldn’t want to be hit in the chest at close range by 6 or so solid rubber .68 riot balls moving at 400 plus feet per second. Paint balls sting but they splatter the riot balls are a totally different story. Just food for thought.

Totally agree, wouldn’t be fun to get hit by that. But. . . .
If someone has illegally entered my home while I am in bed asleep they have created a situation where I am at my last resort. Period. I am not going to take a chance that this person has a weapon, I am not going to wait and see if they are on something that will make them not feel pain, I am not going to wait until they leave after risking the lives of my family. I am going to treat the threat as it is, a deadly threat. I am going to use deadly force because the people I love are in immediate danger.

They make them.

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This is kinda cool too.

I absolutely agree if my family is in eminent danger it’s not a question. I also have early warning and well trained dogs that will give me enough time to make a clear decision on the threat level. Without the add security. I would have no question I would have a firearm no questions asked. The more lines of defense the safer you are and less apt your are of making a mistake.

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I am not a lawyer, but I would only shoot if in fear of my life, or a loved one in my house. Not sure how less than lethal plays into that if you injure someone. If you have both available, you choose to use less than lethal, but were in fear of your life?

Not volunteering to be shot by one…