Pocket Dump: less-lethal

What less-lethal options do you suggest for those who do not have a firearm? Are you helping them train to use less-lethal options?

What less-lethal tools do you suggest people have?

Tools of opportunity count!


I think less lethal weapons can have a place in everyone’s toolbox.
My first option is always the thing between my ears. I will always attempt to de-escalate the situation if possible.
For me–6’2, 225, less than lethal might be physical confrontation. This is not necessarily the case for (for instance) my wife, who lacks the size, training, or desire to close in and engage.
I have pepper spray in the truck that I would prefer to use to prevent escalation to deadly force. Used to carry bear spray after I went to Yellowstone and Glacier–but I hear it’s not legal everywhere, so it sits at home in my hunting tote.
Never got into tasers/shockers.


If you happen to be out & about, car keys would do in a pinch. I’ve also been thinking about one of those little pull-the-pin alarm gadgets.


Pepper is always a good option. A kubaton is also really good choice. Any workbench tools (hammers, screwdrivers, knives, wrenches) are useful opportunity self defense tools.
Tasers are not bad. Bats, handles for axes, rakes or hatchets are pretty good. Flashlights can be good defensive weapons and can be used with closed hand strikes.


OC Spray. Every member of my Family has at least one on him/her and another in the car.
Knife… but I’m not sure if this counts as less lethal.


We have a spray in each car and in each room in the house. my girl has one in her bag and I put one in my pocket when I’m heading out to work in the yard (or get the mail, these days).

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Never though of the flashlight! That’s good. Good post. Just about anything around you can be used as self defense.


@Jerzy - I have a folder with a glass break tool on the end of it. This would be a good non-lethal weapon. Had not thought about it till you said something. Good job Jerzy !


@Mike_T… Glass break tool, great idea to have it.
I forgot about it. I keep one (it’s a flashlight with glass break tip) in my suitcase.
Good reminder, thx :ok_hand:


The ladies in my house aren’t comfortable with CC, so they’re armed with OC spray and a wicked-looking “cat” keychain that has two pointed ears convenient spaced at pupillary distance, with finger holes to use it. Every 6 months or so we’ll deploy the pepper spray for practice, and purchase new canisters.