What Not To Do and How Not To Do It

Stumbled across this tonight, and felt compelled to share it as an example of what not to do. No way could I even watch this for more than 90 seconds, it was so uncomfortable – literally painful. How many times did you cringe as you watched?


Yes, it is painful to think how much it will cost the taxpayers to incarcerate these young men. Cause this is what’s coming.


I guess they didn’t have Barn size targets?


I’ll not comment on the thousands of obvious safety failures shown in the video. I just want to say “Shame on The Shooting Gallery” and their so-called “Range Safety Officer” for allowing the recording of this nonsense on their range. The guy looked too afraid to point out anything unsafe. When I run a range, no cellphones are allowed on the line when it’s hot.

Hopefully the Shooting Gallery in Orlando, Florida isn’t one of our USCCA partner ranges.

After the guns are put away, cellphones/cameras are fine.

Just my two cents as an RSO,

Stay safe out there. (God help us!)


His first mistake is what I call swaying a rifle. I’m sure there is a logical name but AS SOON as he picked it up then three times the barrel was aiming at the human with the camera. Even with it on his back then I stopped watching



Exactly! These moments are what I was referring to when I said cringe, and especially after he inserted the mag and charged the gun. It reminds me of the car scene in Pulp Fiction where John Travolta is talking to the guy in the back seat while casually allowing his gun to sweep him.

How can I get this administration to pay for my gear!
Was this a liberal training video and is this the reason they want to confiscate my firearms?
At least I was a good witness, got the license plate and the car color is undeniably stupidly obvious, “no guns in that trunk”:woozy_face:
From the target, I’m not going to say we can rest easy, but more misses than hits.

When I practice, I don’t miss!