Village idiot goes to the range (fail video)

I think I mentioned in another thread about medics and what we called people who did this sort of thing.

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Something along the lines about self selecting and Darwinism in effect. But it’s been so long I’m sure I don’t remember it correctly.

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I’m still cringing…

Another Excellent example of why you can never go over gun safety enough. All I could think about was “please Jesus don’t let that be a hangfire!”

When I looked at reviews for my local range I saw mostly great reviews, but others where complaining that the staff “hovered over them” and wouldn’t stop watching them close… I thought he same experience would happen to me… it hasn’t. I think it’s people like this with bad gun handling habits…

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People do stupid things. Hopefully this guy learns from this mistake.

Now… Is it normal for gun ranges to release a video of their customers to the public?

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IMO, if the goal is to scare inexperienced people away from firearms and ranges, then mission accomplished. If the goal is to educate, encourage safe practices, and encourage those new to this to learn, then this is a failure. Just my two cents…

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The context of the video let me know that it was gonna end without someone’s head being blown off, to which, I’m grateful.
There was a video circulating years ago of 3 people sitting in a car on Facebook Live with a pistol. Driver was a guy, front passenger a girl, with another guy in the backseat. If I remember correctly, the pistol belonged to the driver but he let the female passenger hold it. She proceeds to wave it around, even pointing it mockingly at the driver. As fate would have it, the gun goes off & pops the driver in the dome. He slumps while the 2 passengers bolt. It was an image that I will never forget. :dizzy_face:

Video documentary of natural selection at work.

The Darwin Award for taking oneself out of the gene pool is awarded after the fact. So many gene pools need nets, skimmers, and filtration.

The person in the video may have given consent after the dangers were revealed to him. Either way, he is unrecognizable in the video.
What I also find curious is that he appears to place his thumb on the trigger when he points the muzzle in his face.
Of course this could have been an enactment done for a safety video…or prank.

Gene pools also need the occasional application of outside the family tree genes. Plus Chlorine doesn’t hurt.

Yes, it’s a bad thing when family tree doesn’t branch.
Or when you ask to see your family tree and you get a satellite image with instructions “Where’s Waldo?”