What Magnum Cartridges Actually Headspace ON The Belt? Why?

No cheaters, now - most magnums headspace on the shoulder, along with other bottlenecks - but only 2 use the belt - belts for the others are not much more than cosmetic.

My first thought would be the 50BMG round belted on metal links.


Not a magnum.

375 & 300 H&H Magnums. Designed for dangerous game with long tapered shoulders for easy feeding needed a belt because the shoulder was so sloped.



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For those unfamiliar with what is being discussed…


Bingo! As a casual historian, I’ve been interested in certain cartridges and their development. Too bad about the Super Thirty, which is almost gone for good - some years ago, Winchester offered their Supergrade rifle for it, for a limited time. With its long neck, it would be easy to reload, and the latest components we now have would make a terrific stopper for large game like elk or moose. As hunters, we have an ongoing responsibility to always make one-shot, humane kills. I don’t think that it’s been dropped from all the reloading manuals out there.

P.S. - An interesting read for you reloaders is the 1st volume of Pet Loads, by Ken Waters.

@KURT17 , if you haven’t come across it, I will bet that you would enjoy Cartridges of the World by Frank Barnes.
I believe the most recent edition is the 16th (2019).
No reloading info but, lots of historical reading. I think you would enjoy.

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I’ve read it.