What kind of home security do you have?


I’m looking at setting up home security cameras. My mom has the Ring doorbell and loves it. A friend has a camera in his house (partly to check on his dog), another friend has a camera in her house and was able to call the police when she had a stalker in her home while she was a work.

So what cameras and security systems do you have or suggest for your home?


I have 2 dogs that I keep caged when people come over the first couple times… so they can learn scents… that way when I’m not home, if someone unfamiliar comes in, they know to issue a warning and go further if needed…


Looking into RING system. But I’m open to suggestions.


I don’t have any in my house (I still live with my parents). We have 5 dogs and the front door is always locked (that way they can’t get out) and the we keep the side door locked which has squeaky hinges. We’re home almost 24/7 and the dogs bark at the slightest thing they’re not familiar with. So if they hear the door open and everyone is home they bark.

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Welcome @luke_ouellette! What kind of dogs do you have? We have a 2 year old Pit and a German Shepherd puppy. They make a lot of noise. I am starting to train the GSD for defense - well, after I finish potty training it.

@mdstanzel one of the instructors I work with speaks very highly of the Ring system he just installed. I’m definitely looking at that as well!


@Dawn I have 2 that we’re strays: an Aussie mix and a Daschund Pitbull mix. The other three are Great-Dane/Catahoula. Though we only have one Catahoula mix that’s near Great Dane size (she steals stuff from the counters; only safe place for stuff is the microwave lol). I love our Aussie. She’s so smart as are our Catahoulas.
How do you train your dogs for defense? It’s something I’ve not looked into or heard of…


Wow! I had to look up Catahoulas, gorgeous dogs! My pit is also a rescue. They think he’s a collie mix because of his paws.

I’d love to do schutzhund training with my puppy.


We have the Ring and also a Wyze camera. We have the Ring doorbell. A ring stand alone with solar panel over our garage in front, one on each gate, one in the backyard, and a wired ring spotlight. The spotlight has an alarm feature you can turn on in the app. Now, for 25 bucks on Amazon, there is the Wyze camera that is also cloud based and great to fill in spots so you don’t have to spend 200 on ring cameras. It also has an app and is Alexa compatible. You can also have Alexa bring it up on your smart TV. Both cameras let you talk to the person in your yard and are infra red . Amazon has both as do many other outlets.

Now, The problem is getting internet to all these places so you can connect all these cameras, right? This is where WIFI extenders come in . I am a do it your selfer and had already wired my garage with 10 extra outlets. We went with the Orbi system but there are other brands. Costco and Sams sometimes have these and it makes it more affordable.

We also bought these cheap driveway alarms to put by our gates before we got our cameras back there. Honestly, we forgot we had them and they scare the daylights out of you when they go off. If you have problems with people / animals jumping fences or a long rural driveway they are cheap and an extra tool.

I added a link about the great debate on what type of cameras are better, cloud vs hard drive.




@Dawn I’ll definitely look into it.
Our dogs are all so well behaved. And we leave them out of their kennels at night since they’re now house trained. So we’d know if someone was trying to get into the house.
Now, when I have my own place I’d want to get some Australian Shepherd puppies so I can train them to be farm dogs. As much as I’d rather rescue it’d be hard to break any of their preexisting habits.


Thanks for the details, @TWeinzerl ! A friend of mine has a Wyze camera too and loves it! I just have to decide what I want to do and how much I’m willing to spend :slight_smile:

The dogs are great for letting us know when someone’s around, but I want to be able to check on the dogs and the house when I’m not home.

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That’s true. It’s always good to be able to check on the place through a camera system when you’re not home.

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The Wyze does seem to have problems outside when it gets too cold . It seems that when it drops below 40 degrees it shuts down. The other issue with wyze is, or was (they may have improved it) is that it has to have an outlet. The model we have does not have an option for a solar panel or battery. NOW! You could get an USB solar panel with battery and experiment!

I love my dog but she is mostly pit. She is a lover, not a fighter and would likely show them where my Legions are. LOL Up until a few years ago Missouri had really strict dog bite laws and if a dog bit for any reason , on or off your property, even if provoked! It was an automatic death sentence. There was a case where a girl got bit by a chained dog on the dogs property and animal advocates jumped in and the law was changed. I protect my dog more than I protect my house. They are seen as property and not valued in a court and I would never risk her life or well being. It is absolutely crazy that we have the right to defend ourselves with a deadly weapon but the threat of a dog bite to defend ourselves or family is an automatic death sentence for a pet in some states.


I’ve read that about the Wyze, which makes it a no-go for outside in Wisconsin. (We just got 6" of snow overnight and it’s a balmy 18 degrees right now.)

However it does have the option to listen and talk through the camera… May be good for the pets inside the house.

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That’s nuts that your dog could be put down for biting someone. Even if they’re intruding on your property. They should change that law.
I’ve lost 2 dogs because careless drivers hit them and that was hard. But to lose them because they rightfully bit someone? That’s just wrong imo.

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Luke all I gotta say is the person breaking in has to make out of my house in 1 piece… more than likely the coroner would be my first call… I have my mom here who is in a wheel chair, my 6 yr old son, my wife and 7 month old daughter, and my sister who has learning disorders… my 2 dogs bite someone?? the person would need to be more afraid of me biting them… my dogs are both 1/2 pit, but I’d be the one to bite someone… lol


Yeah I hear you. Someone breaks into my place I’d hope the dogs barking would scare them but if necessary I’d shoot them. We have a 12 ga loaded with birdshot and then the second shot ought to be a slug. And then I have my handgun in my room loaded at all times.


(bringing out the please be careful online soapbox)

The laws don’t always make the most sense. But as responsibly armed Americans we have to follow the laws. And we have to make sure there’s no way anyone would think otherwise.

You guys take your self-defense and the defense of your families seriously, which is awesome! Please make sure you’re vigilant about what you post online as well.

(off the soapbox, thanks for listening)


Roger, the nice this here is that we have a version of the stand your ground law. That covers situations both in public and at home… it obviously doesn’t make it open season, but it definitely give those of us that are prepared a measure of back up for defending our families!


Gotcha. I tried to make sure it didn’t sound as bad as it did but I’ll be more careful next time @Dawn.


I’ve seen a lot of grandstanding on social media by people who aren’t aware of how their comments may be used against them in court. No comments here have been bad - but I want to make sure y’all know what can happen so you can defend yourself in all areas. :slight_smile: