What Is True Education?

This term has been misused as much as tactical, custom, etc… Thesis (Academics) + Antithesis (Real-world Experience) + Synthesis (Combination of These Two) = Education. A diagram would connect these terms with double arrows, and resemble a triangular kite with a short tail. I make it a point to learn something new every day, no matter how trivial. For example, I’ve discovered that the blue whale is reputedly the largest animal to ever live on this planet, but it’s weight of 300,000 pounds is an estimate - its size required deceased specimens to be weighed in sections - its lifespan of 70 years is an estimate, as well. FYI


@KURT17 BAM! You nailed it, great post.

I get pilloried regularly for home-schooling my son, because he couldn’t get a “complete” education and would never be able interact in the “real world.” Fast forward to today. He skipped college (gasp!) and learned a trade. At 25 years old he has been promoted twice in his field, makes almost $30/hour, has zero-debt, and is a successful, contributing member of society. He’s much smarter than me, his dad, a guy with 2 college degrees! Education is much more than just a piece of paper from IB Smart University. And it is a process that should never end.


You son’s achievements are his own of course, but you get a lot of credit for good parenting. Congratulations!


BRAVO! I turned out to be a bum with a college degree in marketing - although I wanted a career somewhere in shooting sports, I wound up with dead-end jobs in transportation operations. Imagine my reaction to plumbers making $75/hour. The one item missing in our academic system is the periodic aptitude testing of students to determine at least general abilities - I remember a girl who went on to train and become a motorcycle mechanic.


Well Done @Paul1 !!! I joined the Navy at 17 and by the time I was 20 I was in the operating room assisting with surgery. I learned medicine from the bottom up and became a Submarine IDC. I could (legally) diagnose, prescribe medications to and including narcotics and antibiotics, treat disease, perform surgery, do Gas Free Engineering, perform radiation decontamination, and the list of things I could do goes on. The day I retired I wasn’t qualified to was bed pans. Subsequently I got a BSHS and an MBA. With all the graduate and post graduate studies I learned very little in college that I didn’t already know but by other names. The vaunted halls of Academia have failed to impress me only slightly less so than the “professional students” turned “professor” that inhabit them.



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