Just A Brief Thank-You

I don’t say this often, but after years of posting topics and "FYI"s, thanks for the viewings and responses - I’ve always had many serious and casual interests, and I hope at least a few of them caused you to explore them further. True education is an ongoing, lifetime search for knowledge - however trivial - and it keeps your mind and curiosity from becoming stagnant. My generation had to camp out at the local library to gain anything apart from our textbooks and classrooms, and to ignore the knowledge now at our fingertips and in our own homes is a waste of time.


I’m sure our parents, theirs, and those many generations before said ‘it’s amazing the changes I’ve seen in my lifetime.’ But you have it so correct with regard to those of us at the end of the baby boomers. Perhaps it will continue to be so for those who follow us; I hope the positives outweigh those leading to a dead end. But, hey, better to be a force for hope, yes?
Thank you!