Protecting kids from schools?

Kids can’t be kids without some well-meaning (something-or-other) interfering, or ruining the kid. I sent this to my Rep. in Washington. (Really did.

I heard a nasty rumor that, if true, should offend most of us that are considered “normal”. (by our own definition/self-identify-as)

I was told that in one school in Kansas City, that cat litter boxes have been placed in the restrooms for those who self-identify as “cats”. (unknown as to Missouri or Kansas side of Kansas City).

I personally know a large number of “cat people”. None of them has litter boxes in their restrooms.

Common sense would tell us that in order to accommodate the student’s preference, the student should demonstrate their “cat-ness” in a substantial and convincing manner.

At a minimum, they should bathe in the manner of a cat, and be particularly scrupulous in cleaning the area of the anus.

Once the demonstration of cat-ness has been made, ONE litter box for EACH self-professed “cat” should be placed outside the school counselor’s office.

Additionally, your office would have to look into funding Tender Vittles or Special Kitty under the USDA school lunch program, for the self identified kitties in the classrooms…

The school would have to fund cat food from their own budgets for non-free lunch recipients.

Further, HUD would need to look into the subsidizing the construction of cat-houses in the near future.

I wish you all the best with the future budget fights sure to arise from these common sense reforms.


Don (and the rest of my address)


:rofl: Good one :rofl: Unfortunately, too close to the truth. :unamused:


Lots and lots of untrue rumors out there in the world


That is a rumor, from Nebraska State Senator Bruce Bostelman in 2022. He retracted it, and Graves repeated the rumor in March of 2023.


I am soooooooooooo glad I read your comments before ‘going off’ on this whole article… wphew! dodged that bullet! My mind was IMMEDIATELY Screaming! ‘Did I just wake up on Mars?’ !!!This whole fiasco w/ the 'Weaponizing of Trans/Lbgqlkwnpjcip[o1c[k ’ Demoncrat/woke Idiotiocraty (I know that’s not a real word) was/is bad enough my fertile mind CLEARLY pictures people acting like Cats that it said “It’s possible these days” and then secondly said “Alright! Enough’s enough!”

I guess I need to chill out a little bit…


But I got this second-hand, and not through an EMail or some other urban-legend distribution media. I had been in a discussion with someone at work concerning OSHA bathroom-break regulations. Person told me that they know someone whose child had seen a litter box in the restroom.

I’ll have to get photo-verification. Every kid has a smartphone (or two); or is that another urban legend?


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I like that phrase. May I steal it?

It seems like everyone has heard some cat student / litter box story, but I’ve never met anyone who has seen it firsthand. It’s always something someone heard from someone who heard it from someone who knows…


It’s just a rumor that gets people worked up over nothing.

Like much of media/social media these days

urban-legend distribution media.

I like that phrase. May I steal it?

Please do, and make certain you distribute it via non-standard means. Wouldn’t want you starting an urban legend…


I asked the originator to get me an image/photo from their friend’s’ kid. If I get it, y’all will get it.

Got it?

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