My Diagram Definition of Education

Take a blank sheet of paper. Write “Thesis” near the top-left. Skip some space, and to the right, write “Antithesis” next to it. Below these two, in the center, write “Synthesis” - to form a triangle. Below this and again in the center, write “Education” - connect all these words with lines with double arrows to resemble a kite with a short tail. “Thesis” refers to academics, learned in a closed environment - “Antithesis” refers to real-world experience - “Synthesis” is the combination of the two. The lines are to indicate the influential and cyclical interconnections they have among them. Can’t think of a better definition, especially when dealing with children. FYI

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To complement what you describe …

  • Smart - the result of acquired knowledge;
  • Intelligent - knowing when to apply acquired knowledge;
    Then there’s
  • Wisdom - knowing when not to apply acquired knowledge